Tatiana Mack: art changes an entire family.

Tatiana is a self-taught contemporary and abstract artist who took an interest in art at an early age. Born in Russia, Tatiana moved to the United States as a young adult. Here she obtained her education in Mathematics.

After graduation, life was like a rapid river that carried her away from the essential part of her happiness.

Creating has always been her second nature, and her passion for painting was reborn a couple of years ago when she decided to involve her kids into mind and soul flourishing activities, and away from electronics.

Her teenage daughter decided to sketch a few rough drafts and experimented with shading. Within a matter of days, pencil drawing consumed most of her free time, and her skills improved dramatically. Today, aside from sketching, she is involved in digital art.

Tatiana’s son followed his sister and chose to try something new besides oil painting, and now he enjoys illustrating his favorite comic books.

Tatiana improves her art while discovering new techniques.

Tatiana’s favorite subjects to paint are flowers and water. Tatiana also enjoys painting landscapes and animals. Recently she fell in love with fluid art. She works primarily with oils, liquid acrylics and resin. Hues of blue are her most favorite.

The drive to get better at anything doesn’t  let Tatiana stop studying new art techniques or improve old ones. Whenever she has time at home, she frequently enjoys online classes.

She mostly paints on the weekends and evenings. When she doesn’t paint in her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her kids and traveling. Tatiana lives with her family and one lazy fat cat in Alpharetta GA.

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  • Thank you so much for featuring my work and my story as an artist. I am extremely proud that you select me to be your artist if the month. Thank you ?

  • Thank you for introducing us to another very talented artist Louise. Tatiana certainly is very talented, maybe you could invite her back again and let her show us what her children are doing. Sounds like a very artistic family

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