“Creativity is magic. Don’t examine it too closely.” ~ Edward Albee

watercolour and ink flower doodle

There are days when I only want to paint the way children do. They don't worry too much about the outcome of their playful experiments with paint; they just get as much colour as quickly as they can on the piece of paper in front of them.

Adults forget the importance of play. Everything has to have a purpose, a goal, an end result.

Today, there was no goal. I was just having fun splashing paint around.

So remember Albee's words...don't examine these flowers too closely!

loosely painted watercolour rose

This is the flower I like best of all. The background for this rose is so soft and dreamy. I just dabbed a paper towel on the wet paint as I was adding colour all around the flower. I want to work with this technique in the future.

The repetitive movement of the doodles over the flower below is very relaxing, much the same I imagine, as colouring in those adult colouring books that are all the rage.

doodling on watercolour flower

There is always a way to save something I don't like. Artists seldom throw anything away.

If it doesn't look right, doodle over it. Or use it as a background for another painting. Or upload it into an art app and use it in an entirely new creation. Or cut it to pieces and use it as a collage. The possibilities are endless.

doodling superimposed leaves in watercolour

It is far more important to paint than to worry too much about the outcome.

I am learning so much by letting go and just enjoying the process. Albee was right. Creativity is magic.

What do you do to find your inner child? to find magic in your life?

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  • Hello Louise, firstly, love your new header board… and once again you have proven yourself to be so eclectic in your different expressions of art. Love every one of them. As you say, utilise every piece you paint/draw, others will always appreciate a piece of you.

    • Thanks Sally. Only another artist would understand the need to keep everything and anything for future art projects.

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