Leela – A memorial portrait of a “sweet, delicate” girl.

Leela was the client’s “baby girl” for 17 years.

Leela's story told by her owner.

When I lived in North Bay, Ontario, I saw an ad for available Shih Tzu/Lhasa puppies. That night, my husband and I went over to the breeder's house and spent almost an hour there with Leela. She was so white and fluffy and she looked a bit like that blue monster of Monsters Inc as she had a small head but big body! She was six months old and I knew I wanted her, so I arranged everything to bring her home that very night.

What a smart puppy she was! She paper trained really well and was always a sweet, kind girl. However, there was one exception: when she was teething, she gnawed a whole wood wall straight across the bottom that we had just finished building!

When we moved to Ottawa, she settled in quickly. She was the boss of the house! We still did not have Jack yet, so she had the run of the place!

Leela slept on the bed with us and was always at our heels. She sure was a trouper when we went for long walks!! Sometimes, we would pick her up when she was tired after walking a great distance. Once, when visiting my Dad, she chased chickens!! It was so funny to see her herding chickens! And barking at cows!

I do miss her dearly, and it was really hard when her health failed and we had to let her go to be at peace.

Leela and Jack together again.

Below, a photo of Jack, painted by me and published earlier on my website, and Leela, in owner's home.



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A lasting remembrance of family companions in memorial portraits.

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