A day to celebrate grape popsicles...

Summer time refeshments
Summer time refreshments

Who knew that grape popsicles were so special that they had their very own day of appreciation?  I certainly didn't until I heard it on the radio in the car this morning.

Of course I was curious to know what other food holidays were out there that I was totally oblivious to, and had missed celebrating each year.

I didn't celebrate Spaghetti Day on January 4, nor did I stop and express gratitude for pizza on National Pizza Day on February 9.

Unfortunately, I also skipped Chip and Dip Day on March 23 which would have been washed down properly with beer a month later on National Beer Day, April 7.

Just FYI, after National Popsicle Day on May 27, we have National Hamburger Day, on May 28.

All of these holidays are celebrated in the USA.

Did you know that there is a National Hangover Day on January 1? It is followed by National Buffet Day on January 2.

Weird Canadian national days.

Not to be left out, Canada also has some pretty weird national days.

Here is a mix of food and other national holidays that make me scratch my head and wonder who came up with these holidays anyway?  I will get to that in a minute...stay with me!

  • Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day (yes, really!...but this is January 11 and most of Canada is in a deep freeze so not to worry as there are very few puddles around!)
  • Chocolate Cake Day (this one makes sense to me and is not so weird! January 27)
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (whaaaat? January 29)
  • Shower with a Friend Day (February 5)
  • Public Sleeping Day (February 28)
  • Peanut Butter Lover's Day (March 1)
  • Crayon Day (sure...why not? March 31)
  • No Housework Day (because you deserve a break today? April 7)
  • Hug a Plumber Day (April 25)
  • Wine Day (I missed this one too...May 25)
  • Flip Flop Day (June 15)
  • Mac and Cheese Day (If I had a million dollars...I'd eat Kraft Dinner...July 14)
  • Underwear Day (August 5)
  • Kiss and Make Up Day (you have to wait until August 25)
  • Crush a Can Day (I am not making this up!...September 27)
  • Name your Car Day (October 2)
  • Pickle Day (November 14)
  • Whiner's Day (December 26)


I propose we add a new holiday...How about National Get a Life Day? 

Want to add your own national day?

Something you feel is special enough to be celebrated?

By now, you won't be surprised to know that there is a website for that.  You too can submit an application to commemorate something that is worthy of being celebrated...


Header photo by Alison Marras at Unsplash (copyright free photo)

Watercolour sketch was published in August 2016.



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  • I laughed when I read this because it seems that every day is a day for something. I like your “Get a life day” because that is exactly how I feel when I hear that “today is……..“

    • As I found out, anyone can submit something that will become a national day…each country has its own list. Maybe you have a National Boomerang Day, or a National Kangaroo Day, ….or perhaps a National Vegemite Day! Lol! I wouldn’t be surprised!

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