Sunday Biking along the Ottawa River Pathway.


Although I really wanted to paint, a sunny Sunday afternoon could not go to waste by staying indoors. There will be time enough for that in a few months. The weather was perfect for a restorative bike ride through cool forests and along the Ottawa River.

The National Capital Commission (NCC) keeps the pathways clear and in good condition.

Moreover, there are chairs strategically placed here and there where bikers and pedestrians can watch activity on the river or just take a breather. One young couple was having a midday snack of sushi while many couples were just basking in the September sun.

I published another post about biking along the pathway in 2015  - End of Summer Lament.

National Capital Commission River House.

Our ride brought us to the NCC River House where children were cooling off in the Ottawa River.

Built 1914-1925 the boathouse was the site of canoeing and many boating activities on the Ottawa River for almost a century.  A beautiful and impressive boathouse, the NCC River House was designated a Recognized Federal Heritage Building in 2010. Upgrades were started in 2019 so that the building is now open year-round, accessible to all with a bistro, rooms and catering service for special events, and during the summer, free public swimming. For more information see:

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    • My friend from NJ has driven here several times in the past. It is a day’s drive. She loves this area, and I think you would too! Lots of inspiration for painting.

  • It is such a beautiful pathway Louise and I just love that Boathouse. Good enough to paint. We are having a warm spell at the moment, I guess a ore-curser to what our Summer is going to be like I think

    • Please feel free to paint anything that captures your interest. I can send you better photos that what is in the blog above. I hope your spring and summer aren’t as dry as some of the areas in Canada and that you don’t have the forest fires that have been most devastating in so many parts of the world. Thanks Sally.

    • It really is the best time now – we just had an unusually unpleasant heat wave along with humidity that kept us from most outdoor activities that we enjoy. There is lots of scenery that I think you would love painting along the river. Contrary to the Mersey River in your part of the world, the Ottawa River is quiet and used only for recreation. Cheers Graham.

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