Simple little homes use up craft paint on small leftover wood pieces.

These miniature homes were a summer project in July 2015 when this post was first published.

little homes of wood

Whimsical little homes are an unexpected but appreciated change of pace. I hadn't worked on any crafts since the early 1990s. Somehow, back then I found the time to make dried flower cards, twisted paper dolls, wreaths and tole painted objects. I enjoy painting on wood especially since the homes are meant to be quirky and crooked.

Use whatever supplies you have on hand...

This project is excellent for using up some of inexpensive dollar store craft paint. Paper was gessoed onto a scrap wood block. I would eliminate this step and gesso right onto the wood if this was a gift for someone. The gesso could be skipped if this is just a quick project you want to do with a child.  They tend to get impatient waiting for the paint to dry. (A blow dryer is always handy to speed up the process).

Then, I used cheap acrylic paint to coat all sides of the block. The fun is definitely in the details! For windows, doors and flower boxes, I used acrylic ink and then outlined with a black Sharpie pen. But you can use whatever you have including paper to collage the windows as example. Add people in the windows if you wish. Make it a winter scene by decorating with fake snow paint.

Endless possibilities for whimsical little homes.

A quick, easy project, these miniature homes open up a world of possibilities for wood blocks. And I am all for using up some of the materials I already have in my craft room including cheap paints and various papers. If you don't have wood blocks, you can always empty a milk or juice carton, glue paper over the milk carton and collage and paint over that.

One of these little homes would be a whimsical addition to a gift basket as a housewarming or a hostess gift. Because they are a wood block, they sit quite nicely in a bookcase. Just add a few jars of preserves, a couple of wooden spoons, some freshly baked shortbread cookies in a cute little tin container, tie it all together with a gorgeous big bow and you have a very presentable homemade gift! The home can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be!

Fast forward to another housewarming gift on repurposed cedar deck wood...this one was painted in 2017.

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