Second Beagle Daisy added to pet portraits portfolio.

Daisy, a memorial portrait, offered as a birthday and high school graduation gift, is painted on an approx. 7 x 9” oval slice of basswood. The client requested this special size and wanted a black background. The reference photos were excellent for this portrait. In addition, the client did want the red collar to be visible.

Famous Beagles.

As this is the second beagle that I am asked to paint, it made me think of other beagles that have perhaps contributed to the breed’s popularity.


Of course, Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip, is the first beagle that comes to mind. Snoopy began as a silent character in 1950, but he gradually took on human characteristics.


Wallace’s sidekick is a beagle named Gromit. When Wallace gets himself into trouble, Gromit always saves the day.


Odie is the exact opposite of Snoopy and Gromit. In the Garfield comic strips, Garfield, a cat, outsmarts the beagle every chance he can get.

Order your own pet portrait!

If you would like a pet memorialized on paper, wood, or canvas, I have many price points as well as possibilitiesContact me to reserve your spot. Please visit my growing portfolio to see my work.

Wood slice portraits (approx 3 inch Canadian birch slices) are especially popular at Christmas time. They are lovely on a Christmas tree as shown below in photos sent by my clients.  But they can also be given with other gifts. For example, why not attach a wood slice to a wine bottle or add it with a huge bow to another gift?

Wood slice portraits of a special beloved furry companion are a one of a kind gift that will be appreciated for years to come. Some clients even display their wood slice portraits all year round.

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  • A beautiful beagle portrait painting, Louise ? Indeed, an excellent gift-giving idea for a special birthday and high school graduation occasion!!! Have a nice week ahead, my friend.

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