Stefanie Hunsaker’s creative journey began with photography.

Stefanie Hunsaker, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
As I Go.

I grew up in a family of creative people, creating with stained glass, drawing, sewing, crafts, and more. My passion and obsession from childhood was photography. I loved looking at photographs of all kinds, from candid family shots to beautiful photoshoots in fashion magazines.

After studying photography in high school and college, I went on to run my own portrait photography business for ten years. Then, I burned out, no longer finding creative fulfilment through photography. I closed my business and concentrated on keeping up with three busy kids and running a household.

Discovering new techniques and evolving as an artist.

However, over time, I really missed creating.

Yearning to make art, I struggled to find a medium that kept my interest. Always intimidated by painting and drawing, I stumbled upon Amanda Evanston on Instagram. Her work is colorful, joyful, and interesting. Most importantly, she shares and teaches techniques that make painting look doable and even fun. I decided to give it a try and accept the challenge of learning something totally new.

There were times of frustration when my art work did not turn out as I had planned; I reminded myself that it took years to develop my photography skills and painting was no different.

Spring Party by Stefanie Hunsaker, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Spring Party

Beginning with florals and landscapes, I inevitably (just like with photography) was drawn to people and faces.

Stefanie Hunsaker : Inspired to help women through art.

Currently, I am focused on drawing and painting with acrylic inks and paints, then creating works that are a hybrid of painting and collage. I love mixing unexpected patterns and colors!

I am continually inspired by nature, portrait photography and music. More than that, my work stems from a personal exploration of self-acceptance and trust in my own abilities, intuition, and strength.

I hope my art helps people, particularly women, feel happy, empowered, and good about themselves.

My work is found on Instagram. Follow me as I continue on my journey of artistic discovery!

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  • ❤️❤️❤️ I have one of Stefanie’s originals and I love it! She is an extremely talented artist and an empathetic and just genuinely cool person.

    • Hi Amber,

      I have never met Stefanie in person,but her whimsical art is delightful. Art reflects who we are, whether it is purchased or painted by the owner. Stefanie’s art tells of a person who is kind with a quirky side I think…Thanks for leaving a comment!

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