An Edwardian beauty finds a cause.

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Emma, the Edwardian beauty is more than just a lovely face.

In her hurry to leave home this morning, Emma forgot that she was meeting her friends for dinner at the Amba Charing Cross Hotel.

Emma is a bit out of breath. She is frazzled from running to catch the last tram from her workplace as typist for the London Times. Although the hotel is only a few blocks away, it has been raining most of the day and Emma forgot her umbrella at home.

Her large hat with its wide brim and elaborate feathers and flowers has been removed, but she hasn’t had the time to freshen up her Pompadour.

Emma, an Edwardian beauty



(Pastel and Polychromos pencils on 9 x 12" watercolour paper. Emma is an addition to the vintage series this year.)

Emma is wearing the latest Edwardian hairstyle, a loose chignon with many soft swirls piled on top of her head. The few combs she added after work are not holding up her very wispy strands just above her ears.

Her clothes also reflect the fashion of the times. Although her mother still insists on wearing the bustle, Emma has abandoned it completely for a new form fitting skirt flaring slightly from the knees downward. She has removed her tailored jacket because it is quite warm in the hotel. Her daring nature is shown in this image; she has lowered her ornately embellished blouse so that it appears as though she is naked.

Edwardian women find interests outside the home

Emma, contrary to most women of her time, is earning her own money as an office worker. Her life changed completely when she turned 17 a few years ago.

At that time, her parents, both staunch supporters of the suffragette movement in England, encouraged Emma to make her own way in the world. And so Emma joined the increasing number of women who found new freedom working outside the home.

Suffragettes meet to plot new strategies

Today, Nellie and Alicia join Emma to plan the next strategies for “The Cause”. Together with Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst, the women will decide on innovative and more drastic methods for their campaign to win women the vote in Britain. “Deeds not words”, their new motto, is sure to grab the attention of the Establishment.

Yes, Emma will definitely be an asset to the group, and she will help change the course of history in her country.






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