Summer's Last Breath painted by Louise Primeau
Dernier souffle d'été - Summer's Last Breath on 5 x 5 canvas.

Last breath for summer flowers.

Summer flowers are quickly fading as the seasons change. They give way to potted mums adding a bit of colour on front porches in my town. With the change of seasons, Canadians decorate their homes with enthusiasm: huge sunflowers and grasses are collected and carefully placed in baskets, scarecrows, pumpkins and the like are displayed near walkways and entrances.

Fall is a busy season.

In only a few weeks, we will rake fallen leaves on our lawns and ready our yard for winter. Each season has its rituals.

All flower beds will be cleaned. Most perennials will be cut to ground level and annuals will be pulled out completely. The only flowers we will enjoy will be store bought or those on canvas like this floral I painted a few weeks ago during our last heat wave.

Summer’s Last Breath – Dernier souffle d’été.

Painted on a 5 x 5” gallery wrapped canvas, this floral is a remembrance of summer flowers like hydrangeas and roses picked in full bloom. With 1.5” sides, the painting can sit on a desk or on a bookshelf. The sides are painted the same colour as the background, a very light grey.

Summer’s Last Breath is not available for sale, but if you see any other floral on my website that you would like to purchase, please contact me.

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo.

Saturday Frida

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  • I relate so much to the quote and love painting flowers. They aren’t all gone yet here in NJ but will be soon. Beautiful paintings!!!

    • I have visited Woodbury NJ several times. I don’t know where you live but I did enjoy visiting the Jersey shore and several beautiful gardens in that area including Longwood and Grounds for Sculpture. Thanks Catherine for dropping in!

  • Hi Louise, I love that saying about painting flowers so they won’t die, one good reason to do what you do, plus you are so good at it also. We are the opposite to you of course and today our first Iris has bloomed, it is nearly time to plant our dahlias and the lavender and pansies are looking beautiful. We are sitting in our garden room watching the birds having a bath, first the blackbird and next the dove is trying to emulate it with great difficulty, now a Mudlark has come in for a look

    • We have also have more birds in our yard lately but nothing out of the usual. We can hear the geese flying over us heading south. Change is coming. Your yard looks beautiful and there will be flowers to inspire you as well. Enjoy!

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