watercolour and ink picnic fruit

For this Throwback Thursday, I have selected fruits I painted in my sketchbook in 2015.

There is nothing better than popping sweet, just picked sun-kissed berries into our mouth.  The juicy sweetness can only be enjoyed a few weeks during the summer.  After that, we must be satisfied with frozen or canned berries or fruit that has travelled long distances and often never ripens properly once picked.



This is the time to enjoy plump, juicy cherries, sweet cantaloupes, plums and peaches and all the varieties that are fresh and in season.

 And so, with so many fruits available in our farmers’ markets and local grocery stores, I thought of these sketches of baskets laden with produce.

Fruit sketches completed on watercolour paper using Sakura Koi watercolours and black ink pen.


watercolour and ink strawberry wreath
watercolour and ink fruit and wine - ready for a picnic

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    • During the year most of our fruits are imported. They spend a long time on the road and so they are often less tasty than during the summer when Ontario produce is readily available. Thanks Phil. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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