reindeer cupcakes watercolour

Who doesn’t love a zero calorie treat?

Baking that is imagined and then painted without worrying about fat, sugar, and calories is my kind of sweet treat!

An added bonus for me is that while I am painting, I really forget about my hunger.  Well, I forget everything…time, hunger, thirst….

So I suppose you might say that painting could have a slimming effect if I was to be at it for most of the time.

The satisfaction of a painting lasts so much longer than the actual food I paint, in this case, luscious Christmas reindeer cupcakes.

As I still like this watercolour painting, I am featuring it today, December 1, for Throw Back Thursday.

What Christmas baking will you be doing this year?

Cheers everyone!

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    • Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t me…Hope you enjoyed them. I am trying to decide which other dessert I want to paint before Christmas…I am only planning on baking my mother’s Christmas wreath this year. It’s sort of like a strudel with raisins and cherries and nuts. Maybe THAT will be the painting. Thanks for leaving a comment Sally.

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