reindeer cupcakes watercolour

The best cupcakes are painted.

At this time of year when families gather around tables that groan with food, who doesn’t love a zero calorie treat?

Baking that is painted without worrying about fat, sugar, and calories is my kind of sweet treat!

An added bonus? While I am painting, I forget about my hunger. Well, I forget everything…time, hunger, thirst….

The satisfaction of painting lasts so much longer than the actual food I paint.

I still like this watercolour painting from 2015.  I had taken a class in 2014 with Jane LaFazio and had not yet invested in acrylics. The cupcakes were painted once the class was over while I continued to practise in my sketchbook.

So far, I have no Christmas baking in my freezer. In recent years, we have found that by inviting family for brunch, there is no need for all the sweets, and so, less work for me and more time for painting!  When friends visit during the holidays, I bake dessert that will be gone by the end of the evening. Or better yet, friends bring sweet confections because they have too much baking at home.

What Christmas baking will you be offering this year?  Something more traditional? or something new? or perhaps a little of both?

Sketching workshop to start the year with colour!

If you would like to learn to sketch and paint in a journal as a way of keeping track of life’s little things, such as the cupcakes you see, visit my workshop page.

Sketching and painting in a journal on a daily basis will help you relax and will challenge your brain to remember details. At this time, I offer the workshop in my home. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Cheers everyone!

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    • I know several people who have done that. Painting is the best way to curb a sugar craving too! Thanks for leaving a comment!

    • Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t me…Hope you enjoyed them. I am trying to decide which other dessert I want to paint before Christmas…I am only planning on baking my mother’s Christmas wreath this year. It’s sort of like a strudel with raisins and cherries and nuts. Maybe THAT will be the painting. Thanks for leaving a comment Sally.

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