The joyful sounds of Christmas are everywhere.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.” ~ Meredith Wilson, “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas.

mixed media "Christmas in her heart" on BeePaper

“Christmas in her heart”. (mixed media and collage on 6×9″ Bee Paper 140lb. watercolour paper.)

There are many sounds associated with Christmas.  One of them is the sound of my mailbox opening and closing each day (I am one of the lucky ones who still has my mail delivered right to my door, and yes, I do live in the heart of the city).

This choir girl singing in the snow was completed last year before Christmas. I thought I might make Christmas cards with her and with other Christmas-themed art I have done in the past.

Then, I had second thoughts.

Have you noticed a huge drop in the exchange of Christmas cards?

I remember my mailbox was never as full of mail as when Christmas was just around the corner.

I loved (and still do!) receiving all the beautiful cards with wonderful designs. I was especially thrilled when a letter was included with the card. There were oh so many cards back then. I displayed them all in several areas of our home.

As of today, I have four Christmas cards displayed in my family room.

Now, I do admit that I have also sent fewer and fewer cards as the years have gone by.

Like most of you, one reason is that I am able to keep in touch with friends and family online. It is easier to send personal wishes around the holidays via Facetime or with an old-fashioned phone call.

When I mail Christmas cards, it is generally for those who are not in contact with me online, or for sentimental reasons, such as sending a card to an aunt who continues with this tradition.

How do you feel about Christmas cards?  Will you be sending any this year?  Do you send cards to a select few friends and family or to everyone?

Is this a tradition worth reviving?

Finally, should I make Christmas cards for next year?

I would really like to know your opinion.  Please do drop me a quick line! (I know how busy you must be!)


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