Crazy KitKat misbehaves in the Christmas choir.

KitKat joins other crazy Christmas cats on her family's tree this year.  See how she mocks the other singers in the choir? Isn't she annoying with her very ear splitting caterwauling?

KitKat’s owners live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they contacted me in August with this challenging reference photo.

The ask: to have their black cat with “big, fluffy cheeks” painted for Christmas, a fourth ornament for this couple.



Read about Beans, Iggy, and Tony (known as the three feline amigos ) ornaments painted in 2019.

Christmas ornaments painted from reference photos.

As usual, the client sent me reference photos via email. I love her selection of quirky feline expressions that fire up my imagination as I paint each little fur friend.

Unfortunately, I am not accepting new commissions for the rest of this year.  I am painting more wood slices and they will be posted in the 2023 as they are secrets until Christmas.

Price increase in 2023.

My prices will be increasing in 2023 but the good news is that you can reserve your space for a portrait at this year's price if you contact me before the end of this year.

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