Sharing our Art means allowing others into our world.


Sally Burke's Rainbow Lorikeet
Sally Burke's Parrot - January 21, 2018. (First guest artist)

Do you get lost in your creative work so much that you forget time? Forget to eat? Burn food as I have?

Your ideas are flowing well on canvas or paper and you cannot stop when everything is progressing so smoothly. You keep going for hours, adding splashes of paint here, pieces of collage there. Finally, you stand back at the end and are pleased with the results.

And then what?

The joy of painting is in the sharing of it.

The joy of sharing begins in childhood.

Children can hardly wait to show mom and dad their art work when they get home from school.

Art is an open door to enter the child’s mind. What was the child thinking when the little girl appeared in the front window of that lopsided house?  And what about this cat in the tree?  Where does that come from?  Why is there a dark cloud hovering about the house? Children are happy to explain all the different choices they made while drawing or painting.

Sharing your art allows others to participate in your creative experience.

Doesn't that make us all better artists/ better creatives?

You are encouraging others to wonder about how you got to the finish line with the art work, what methods you used, why certain colour combinations work so well together, how some bold strokes add a dash of excitement to the creation…

In turn, you yourself begin to look back on your process perhaps with new eyes, seeing what others see. You think of innovative ways to express yourself in the next creation.

Most certainly, sharing art with others forces the artist to think about the painting and what was being expressed through the brushstrokes, the textures, the collaged elements placed just so, the palette…

Sharing creativity no matter the form it takes, whether it is photography, making jewellery, quilting, writing...inspires all of us to wonder what could be if we tried to be a bit more creative ourselves. No doubt, we also appreciate the beauty of creativity and imagination in others.

For the last three and a half years, I have curated and shared the work of creatives from around the world.

My mission in doing so is to celebrate the original work of all creatives, whether it is pottery, photography, jewelry, or any other form of self-expression, with my readers and followers.

Common threads among artists.

Many of us have set creativity aside for careers, and for raising a family. This has been quite obvious in the stories that so many of the guest artists have shared with my readers.

However, another common thread is that we are often our own harshest judges believing our art is not authentic, or not worth sharing for whatever reason.

Sharing different experiences from around the world.

So it is refreshing to see creativity in all its forms. While some artists who have been featured are seasoned online teachers, many others have recently returned to their first passion from childhood.

Creatives from around the world (USA, Argentina, France, Canada, Korea, India, Great Britain...) have shared their creative experiences. Many featured artists have sold their work or have received commissions in their communities.

And yet other artists and creatives are published authors.

A desire to learn, to improve motivates most artists.

First and foremost, what we all have in common is the desire to learn and improve our art no matter what our creative outlets might be.

We push ourselves to try new techniques, we think outside the box, and we often ask WHAT IF?

Sometimes we succeed, often we don’t.

BUT something else we all have in common is that we keep trying.

Visit my Guest Artist tab under BLOG to see all artists who have appeared on my website since 2018.

I have openings for guest artists beginning in August. I do not charge a fee to showcase your art on my website. It is my hope that you will gain new followers (I do know that it has happened for many of the artists I have published) or new students if you teach online.

Contact me about appearing as a creative on my website, and I will be delighted to send you the information I send to all featured guests.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing my artist book again!! It is fun to read what other artists share on your blog – and fun to share too. Thank you Louise for providing a forum for us. I think a vibrant artistic life is created when we all share and support one another! ❤

    • Thanks Sue. While our art differs, I think there are many common threads running through many artists’ stories. Have a great weekend.

      • So true what you say!! The creative process is the same whether you work in oils, acrylic or fingerpaints. I also see similarities between the visual art creative process and the writing process… oh, I just think the creativity, aka the process of thinking new thoughts, is the same no matter what techniques or languages or methods are used.

  • Thank you for re sharing my parrot Louise, and thank you so much for sharing so many other talented artists work, no doubt many of them I would never have discovered without your input. It is always a joy reading your posts/blogs. 😘

    • I was so pleased when you accepted to appear as my first guest artist. Your parrots are gorgeous as is all of the work you have done since then. You are such a versatile artist and I appreciate that you like to try new mediums, new subject matter. Thank you dear Sally, for being a faithful reader of my blog posts and for taking the time to send comments and feedback my way. When I often think that no one reads my posts, I always know that on the other side of the pond, I have you! Hugs!

  • This was really well written and insightful! I haven’t considered some of these aspects, and am happy to have read this!

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