This Singer sewing machine is another treasured possession of mine. I remember all the beautiful clothes my Italian grandmother made for me with it.

Nonna’s Singer Sewing Machine
When she was a younger woman and mother, Nonna used the machine on a daily basis. My grandfather was a shoemaker, and the sole family support, in a small northern Ontario town after he emigrated from Italy to Canada in the 1920s. When my grandmother was widowed in 1947, she had to find a way to support her family.
My grandmother
My grandmother bought the second hand sewing machine from a friend who was doing alterations for local stores and she helped this woman when she had too much work. Eventually, she had her own customers coming to her home. My grandmother managed her little home-based business even though she hardly spoke a word of English or French. As her own girls grew up, she would accept clothes from relatives and refashion them into new dresses and coats for her own children. When she retired, my grandmother used the machine to sew for her grandchildren. The Singer machine was left to my mother when Nonna died. It is now in my home.
Singer Sewing Machine

Do you have a favourite object, a special memento that you could record or have recorded in your sketchbook? I would love to see your work!


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    • Yes, the sewing machine is a memento of both my mother and my grandmother. I only wonder who will take care of it and appreciate it when I have to pass it along to the next generation.

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