Your Cause is Mine...

"Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine." ~ Leigh Bardugo, Wonder Woman" Warbringer.

Your Cause is Mine

"Your Cause is Mine", Acrylics and collage on 6x12" canvas.  The sides are painted green to match the background.

Inspiration from the daily news

After listening to all the cases of sexual harassment in the news, I am not surprised that these sad faces appeared in my art.

So many women have become "sisters in battle". Once, they remained silent but no more. Certainly there is a feeling of liberation and freedom in speaking out. There is strength for their cause and support for their grievances from other women and men. 

I am thinking less of the Hollywood stars and the casting couch.

This is more about the women who paved the way for others as firefighters, RCMP officers, and armed forces personnel.

A select group of strong, intelligent women blazed the way up to that glass ceiling in traditional bastions of male dominance and privilege. The "old boys' club" tried to slap them back into their place.

But these same women fought big institutions, often for years, without any support from their colleagues.

In fact, some were ostracized by their colleagues who were not courageous enough to stand with them.

Others felt demeaned, and left a career they loved. They have been broken by the system and found themselves having to pick up all the pieces of their shattered lives while still fighting those big establishments. 

So while I was working on "Your Cause is Mine", I was thinking about all these brave women who are making it easier for the next generation of women to feel accepted in male dominated professions.

Finding my own way with this painting

Other artists thought that I had painted a mother and daughter;  however, I always had the intention of painting sisters. As I had completed three sisters earlier, I didn't want this painting to be too similar.

Then, I thought of other types of sisters, of all the women who have battled sexual harassment in private or in public. I feel that this painting represents both vulnerable women and those who fight their battles with them.

"Your Cause is Mine" evokes sympathy for all women who have suffered in silence.

The green in the background lightens the painting.  Green represents healing. The woman on the left is embracing her "sister" who is accepting the support and the love being offered to her.

The strength emanating from the woman on the left will help her carry on with the struggles she will face in bringing to light the injustices of the past.

I like the imagery of blade and shield in the quotation ending with "your cause is mine". 

Sisters in battle, certainly! 

"Your Cause is Mine" will be available in the shop later this week.  Shipping is complimentary. 

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  • You never cease to amaze, and the tale behind this painting is so relevant, as you said,not just for the recents events in the US and here in Australia but in society in general where I think finally changes are occurring giving we women equal rights and opportunities. ??

    • It is a sad situation that most women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lives. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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