Ziggy and Stella prove that two dogs are better than one.

I enjoy reading stories of pets that I am commissioned to paint. Ziggy and Stella’s stories are intertwined, as you will see.

Ziggy’s story.

Ziggy, custom pet portrait by Ottawa artist, Louise Primeau
Ziggy, a Husky mix bundle of energy.

Ziggy is a Husky mix rescue dog. Her main focus is and always will be, food. A bundle of energy, Ziggy can fend for herself quite well, thank you.

In fact, she has been known to open the bottom freezer drawer in her home and snack on her owner’s most expensive frozen cuts of steak.

But don’t think that she doesn’t show gratitude for the warmth and love she receives from her human family. Oh no!

She can be something of a clean freak. She will open the dishwasher door and tongue wash all the dishes. Ziggy is quite adept at removing the cutlery basket to do a thorough cleaning job.

In addition, just to be sure her owners continue to have stories to tell, she once ate a couch cushion!

Ziggy's family, a young couple with a one-year old baby, believe that she was starved before they rescued her.

Ziggy is easily bored, and her companion, Stella, often "distracts" her and gets Ziggy into trouble.

Stella’s story.

Stella, custom pet portrait by Ottawa pet portrait artist, Louise Primeau
Stella, the instigator.

Stella was adopted as a puppy. She feels secure in her human family and it is demonstrated in her laid back personality. Her devil-may-care attitude is a clever deception for the cunning mastermind that she is.

Everyone knows that Stella is the instigator who gets Ziggy into trouble.

Stella often assumes the nonchalant couch potato position. You  know the look...what me? Move from here? Nawwwww!...However, every now and again, she is up to mischief.

Certainly, her main source of entertainment is to get Ziggy all worked up. After all, she is so easy to tease!

She will jump off the sofa and playfully bite Ziggy’s tail and legs. Once Ziggy is all pumped and ready to bounce off the walls, Stella will very casually go back to her warm spot on the sofa.

Stella probably feels she is earning her keep: she is the self-appointed guard dog of any home or property. Her loud bark warns off anyone who approaches the house. But if she hears thunder, this vicious guard dog will hide under the bed or in a corner of the closet. Everyone else must fend for themselves!

Together, they are most definitely a dynamic duo!

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