hammock beckons

"The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world." Marc Chagall.

Although I do not consider myself a photographer by a long shot, probably no more than I consider myself an artist, I do enjoy looking for perfect opportunities that present themselves to take pictures. The iPad is so convenient, so user friendly. I imagine real photographers cringe when they see photos taken with gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad.

On a recent holiday to Puerto Morelos Mexico and the Royalton Riviera Cancun, I painted, sketched, and I took many photos. I posted on Facebook and Instagram right on the spot, but there were some photos, the ones I consider more artistic, saved for this post.

The hammocks swaying in the warm breeze were especially beautiful I thought. They seem to beckon us to stay a while and enjoy the last rays of the day.

hammocks beckoning on the beach
hammock on beach

The hammocks, as inviting as they appeared to us, were hardly ever in use. There was always something to do at our resort and sitting on the beach was more appealing than using the hammocks.

Late in the day, just before the sun set, we explored past our resort. The area reminds me of Nuevo Vallarta when we first started spending our holidays on the west coast of Mexico in 2001. Our resort was the only one on this isolated stretch of beach. We could walk a long time before ever seeing another building.

There are no hotels other than the Royalton Riviera Cancun on this beach, part of the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park. The sandy beach and the mangroves extend forever on both sides of the resort.

On the day I took these photos, there was quite a lot of seaweed, more than usual, washing up on shore.

We came upon a piece of driftwood that was fascinating to me. From one direction, it appeared as a big lizard coming out of the ocean. Do you see its leg? It even looks as though it has claws (a piece of seaweed caught in the wood).

driftwood lizard on Mexican beach

From the other direction, the same piece of driftwood had an entirely different look. Tell me if you see a seal on this stretch of deserted Carribean beach...

seal driftwood

There is much to see, much to discover in this wonderful world of ours.

May the new year fill your days with wonder.

mexican holiday - puerto morelos

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  • Chère Louise, Je n’ai jamais vu de si jolis hamacs, bordés de dentelle crochetée !! Quel beau rêve que de penser s’y étendre !! C’est tellement surprenant qu’ils n’étaient pas plus utilisés !! Merci pour tes bons voeux pour la nouvelle année. Une artiste comme toi ne manque pas de nous étonner ! Merci pour le partage !

    • Ahhh, tu es tellement gentille. C’est la dernière fois que je parlerai de ce beau voyage mais je garderai mes souvenirs pour mes vieux jours!

  • Great shots Louise, and yes the lizard did turn into a seal. Just like a piece of wood I photographed in Hilo which definitely looked like a kangaroo, was I missing home?

    • Thanks Sally. I love driftwood and hadn’t seen any in a long time. I was happy when I came across this fine specimen.

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