Simple experiments in pouring with impressive results.

In an effort to give as many different artistic experiences this summer to my oldest granddaughter, I contacted an artist friend and asked her if we could have an afternoon workshop with her and try acrylic pours. I prepared for the workshop by bringing some failed art work of my own on canvases. During the workshop, we used some of the canvases but also poured on ceramic tiles.

Anyone who is interested in the process and materials needed to achieve these pours can find ample information and tutorials online. In a few hours, we already had many skins for jewelry making, several canvases and ceramic tiles of different colours and one big mess to clean.

Not too shabby!

The results were amazing but don’t take my word for it. Have a look at the photographs I took while granddaughter was following instructions.

At the end of the session, granddaughter left everything to dry. Later in the summer, she was able to varnish all pieces.  She gave a ceramic tile to her mother as a coaster for her desk at work. Other pieces are hanging on the wall in her room.

Finally, the pièce de résistance was to choose a cabochon and chain as one of her birthday gifts.

Thank you Kris for a wonderful afternoon of experimentation.

Kris, an accomplished photographer was a guest on my blog in June, and more recently, last week.

Selecting jewellery made with leftover pours
Selecting jewellery made with leftover pours







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    • The jewellery is really spectacular! So nice that there is much less waste when the drippings are cut and used within the cabochons. Thanks for leaving a comment for Kris!

  • It was a fun afternoon with Mya and you, Louise, mess and all! Mya did some beautiful pours and had amazing skins as a result for jewelry. She is quite the artist with all the projects you’ve done this summer!

    • We had a lot of fun and I am sure it is an afternoon that Mya will remember. She has beautiful jewellery too to show off to her friends! Thanks once again, Kris.

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