Boots and Hudson, cat portraits on wood slices.


Boots, a great first cat for his owner.

When the client first contacted me to paint her cats' portraits, she sent me several photos of her very well-loved cats!  I chose a close-up of Boots because of his lovely eyes whereas I liked Hudson's pose, as though he was waiting for his next mischievous trick.

Boots was adopted from the Humane Society in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in 2015. At that time, Boots was a two year old stray cat according to the gentleman who brought him to the Humane Society.

This very handsome boy was the young woman's first pet and she says he was “a great distraction and companion” as she had just moved to the northern Ontario town. An affectionate cat, Boots loved to be cuddled and petted.

Sadly, it became apparent that Boots had several major health issues and he was eventually euthanized in August 2018.

The client writes, “I was never a cat person before Boots. I always thought of myself as a dog person. In the short time I had Boots, he taught me that cats are great, loving pets.


Hudson is a quirky cat.

Hudson (once known as Sleepy) is an unusual name for a cat. The owner is a huge fan of Law and Order SVU, and so she decided to name her cat after the Hudson River in New York.

She was volunteering at the Sudbury, Ontario SPCA in 2019 when she saw Hudson who was 8 months old at the time. She knew he was the perfect companion for her and brought him home.

Certainly, Hudson is quite different from his predecessor.

The proof is in the aquarium. Yes, folks, he once jumped right into an aquarium.  No one knows if he wanted to freshen up or if his curiosity simply got the better of him. However, maybe he confused the aquarium for the dry bathtub which is one of his favourite hangouts. Hudson is a playful boy who likes to sit in boxes, and chase a laser.

This cat will play musical chairs with you - he will steal your seat if you leave it for a few minutes.

And Hudson is a wannabe escape artist! He often tries to sneak out of the house. Obviously, Hudson would love to be outdoors but he (like so many other felines) detests wearing a harness.

Hudson is one quirky cat, but that is exactly the kind of cat the owner needs right now!  His silliness makes her smile!

Boots and Hudson cat portraits

I painted Boots and Hudson using Golden artist quality acrylics on Canadian birch slices sourced from Timmins, Ontario. Artist quality paints are highly pigmented and stand the test of time.

The slices are kiln dried and will not crack. Each slice is varnished with a glossy varnish and comes stamped and signed.

Small pet portraits - unique, thoughtful gifts.

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