Hall of Fame includes pets of course!

Starbuck and his portrait on wood slice.
Starbuck with his wood slice

All our pets deserve to be in a Hall of Fame, don’t you agree?

O.k. some are more infamous than they are famous. There are the moochers, the followers, the cuddlers, the meowlers, and the yowlers. So many reasons to be famous or infamous – your choice!

Next week, I will publish my first Hall of Fame with pets next to their portraits on wood slices.

If I have painted your little friend on a wood slice, I would love to see him or her next to the wood slice portrait.

Thanks to SC who was one of the first to send me her lovely Starbuck for this pet project of mine ? . Read about Starbuck and Pippet, two wood slices painted in 2019 as well as the client’s feedback.

Contact me here with your photos. I look forward to seeing your fur babies and hearing what they have been up to since I painted them.

Add your pet portrait in the new year!

If you would like to send your pet next to a portrait I have painted on canvas or paper, I would love to add that as well to my Hall of Fame, eventually.

Kia with her custom pet portrait

I paint portraits on wood slices all year round. My birch slices are sourced in Timmins, Ontario where the slices are carefully kiln dried so they will not crack.

And If you display a wood slice all year round (so many of my clients say they do), I would like suggestions on how you display them in your home. I will share your ideas with my readers.


Best wishes during the Holidays to all my friends (two and four legged!) around the world!


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