Shawnta Cermeno: precocious artist.

I started creating ceramic art at the age of 3 with my mother. We began selling my art at shows starting at the age of 6. I continued to create ceramic art until high school.

Fashion designer with a following.

Life certainly got in the way…moving to several states in between. I left art behind until I began sewing when I had my first daughter. My work quickly gained a following and I was retained to create many child/youth designs and one-of-a-kind creations for clients for special events, pageants, and vacations. I had my design business for 13 years and sort of retired from it as I am physically unable to sit and sew due to disability.

Many artists as mentors.

Being unable to work, I started drawing again in October 2019 after not picking up a pencil since high school. I started taking some classes online with Tamara LaPorte of Willowing Art and was introduced to so many talented artists!

I have a list of mentors a page long! A few early mentors worth mentioning are Melissa Averinos, Ady Almanza, Effy Wild, The Art Sherpa, Sarah Trumpp, and Dreamin’ Bohemian Adrienne Williamson.

Through these artists I realized that Mixed Media Art opened a whole world before me! I was hooked on it.

Pushing past the pain to create each day.

Due to my disability, I am constantly in pain and I have to draw in my lap so as not to extend my arms and my hands often go numb.

However, I have not let it stop me and I have been completing a piece of art a day ever since!

My original designs are now being sold on Etsy and also featured on mugs, shirts, and giclee prints.

Shawnta Cermeno: where to find her works of art.

I enjoy abstract as well as whimsical characters/illustrations. It has become apparent that I was meant to be an artist and I hope to continue full-time.

Recently, I have been honored with being chosen to display at the Athenaeum Gallery in Alexandria Virginia for an exhibition in September titled “Moments in Time…A Very Weird Time” and my piece “Pandemic Paranoia” will be in the show. In addition, I am also being considered for their online gallery for another exhibition.

I hope to continue in galleries and share my work with others.

My work is sold on Etsy as well as at other social media sites here at Link Tree, and locally, in the Athenaeum Gallery in Alexandria VA in special exhibitions. I will be in one coming up in September titled “Moments in Time…A Very Weird Time” and my piece “Pandemic Paranoia” will be in the show.

To view other artists who have been featured on my website in the last 2.5 years, please visit the Guest Artist page.

I am grateful for all the talented, productive artists and creatives from all over the world (photographer, author...) who have appeared on Louise's ARTiculations.

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Many featured guests remain in my circle of friends on social media sites, and some, I have even met in person.


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