Ingrid Ieva’s creative journey begins in Chile, South America.

I am a mixed media artist working with clay, acrylic, and watercolours.

Joy of Life by Ingrid Ieva, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Joy of Life

It is a joy to incorporate the beauty of nature into any piece of art or home decor. As an example, I love to add natural elements such as my favourite sea-shells, stones, driftwood, dry leaves, and branches.

My love for the natural world started very early in life. I was born and raised in Chile, South America. Part of my formative years took place on a ranch among cattle, wild flowers, and a variety of food crops. In that environment, I felt free and happy, exploring the countryside with awe and wonder towards nature, and the beauty I saw around me.

I believe my art is an expression of my love and connection to the natural world. I feel deeply inspired by it.

The benefits of the creative process.

My creative process is nurturing and healing. It allows me to express those deep emotions that are within me, either through drawing, painting, sculpting, and creative writing. I learned creative self-expression while attending primary school, and during the summer months, art camps.

My growing interest in these forms of expression has led me to expand my knowledge and techniques, which I have learned on my own by experimenting with different mediums, and also through art and writing courses I have taken, online and in person.

While I paint on different substrates, some of my favourites include stretched canvas, wood panels, ceramic, driftwood, canvas fabric, acid free heavy weight acrylic paper or watercolour paper.

Although I have no particular favourite artist, I enjoy all forms of art that are capable of evoking emotions in me.

I am always exploring new ways to expand my work and evolve as an artist, writer, and person, by allowing my intuition to guide me and move forward through the next phases of my life.

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I showcase my work on my website.

As a member of an online auction group, Soul Sisters United Art Collective, I showcase my work on a monthly basis. In addition, I can be found on my two Facebook  pages, which are: Ingrid Ieva and Ingrid Ieva brush and pen strokes.

Should you wish to reach me, please contact me here.

To view other artists who have been featured on my website in the last 3 years, please visit the Guest Artist page.

I am grateful for all the talented, productive artists and creatives from all over the world (photographer, author...) who have appeared on Louise's ARTiculations.

If you are a creative and would like to be featured in this space, please contact me. This feature will continue this year as my goal is to share the wonderful work of all types of creatives.

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