Loopy, a Standard Poodle, is ready for her walk.


Loopy, a Standard Poodle, lovingly stares at her owner seeming to say, “What are you waiting for? I even brought you the leash!” Dogs have their own way of communicating with their humans don't they?  Their soft, pleading eyes, the clicking of paws on ceramic floors, the prancing to and fro, the whining certainly give us a clue as to their wishes and desires. And Loopy? Well, she just wants a walk. Right now, please?

This is an acrylic painting on reclaimed cedar wood. Loopy is ready for a Food Truck Fundraiser on June 6, from 11:30am-12:30pm in Ottawa, Ontario.


Standard Poodle on reclaimed wood by Louise's ARTiculations


Recently, a student from Ottawa Technical High School asked if I could contribute something to their fundraiser “to raise awareness while also petitioning to raise the sentencing for animal abuse.” All proceeds will go to Ottawa Dog Rescue.

Of course, I am pleased to help this worthy cause organized by the Civics class at Ottawa Tech. The Food Truck Fundraiser is their social action project for the course.


Painting on reclaimed wood.

Standard Poodle on reclaimed wood by Louise's ARTiculations

This is the first dog I paint on a smaller piece of wood measuring 4 ½ “ by 12”. I have varnished the wood to a glossy finish.

Previously, I painted cats and dogs on canvas and they can be viewed on my pet portraits page.

I can get lost for hours in the paintings that I work on and I have a special fondness for painting animals. Here is Chico, my Havanese. I painted him last summer and I am glad that I have this as a memento of his time with us. We had to say goodbye to Chico in March of this year.

In my art room, I have more reclaimed wood pieces just waiting to be painted. Thankfully, this time of year yields lots of free wood that people want to get rid of.

I love painting on these old boards. The greys and beige and brown are an ideal background for pet portraits.

However, I need lots of variety in my creative life so other reclaimed boards will be similar to this mermaid, recently sold, or this woman protecting her Golden puppy, still up for grabs.

I can be contacted here if you have any questions or if you wish to commission a portrait of your own favourite fur baby.

My next biggest decision? Which breed shall I paint? I love them all!  Suggestions?


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