Loretta Waldron’s childhood dreams of being an artist.

As a young child, each time I’d visit my Grandma’s place during the school holidays, I’d sit for ages staring at a beautiful watercolour landscape painted by my Great Aunt Bessie. I dreamt of becoming an artist.

In my early teens, my Mum found an older lady in our small town, who gave private art classes at her kitchen table. I was ‘hooked’ and my art journey began.

In Year 11 and 12, I studied art and then had to decide what to do next. I wanted to be an artist, but my family convinced me that this was not a secure or safe option for a career, so I left art behind for over 10 years.

Creativity calls…

The creative yearning never left, rather it kept getting louder and louder as the years passed. Eventually, I left my safe job to pursue a more creative life. I’m also a singer and musician.

When I was accepted into two different courses in two different cities at the same time, I chose music. I thought it was better to study voice when I was younger!

Then came a season of no art or music for over 10 years until, out of the blue, severe anxiety plagued me. Only then did I remember that the only place I ever experienced quiet, and contentment was when I was painting.

Three years ago, thanks to anxiety, I started my art journey again. I found my quiet place once more.


Every Face Tells a Story.

One of my most favourite activities is having coffee with friends and sharing life's ups and downs. This explains my fascination with drawing and painting women’s faces and bringing out the emotion in each one. As I paint my faces, they become new ‘friends.’ I want to have a conversation with them to find out who they are, what their life story might be.

Loretta Waldron's Favourite Artists.

From an early age, I’ve always loved the work Australian artists Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, and Arthur Streeton who were part of the Australian Heidelberg School.

In more recent times, Juna Biagioni’s soulful drawings and Domenico Grenci’s expressive faces inspire me to dig a little deeper into expressing emotion.

Experimenting with many mediums.

I love the simplicity and freedom of charcoal and the expressive marks that can be achieved using it on paper and wood panels. The unpredictable nature of watercolour is something I love too, but I haven’t had a lot of time with it in the last 12 months as I’m trying to build a better relationship with acrylics!

A new favourite medium is oil and cold wax which I’ve only discovered in 2020, so I’m looking forward to working more with that in the days ahead.

Evolution as an artist.

My approach to art is very intuitive and I tend to paint fairly quickly which helps me to manage my perfectionistic tendencies! I’m not particularly fond of doing much planning other than what medium and colour palette to use. Planning is probably an area I need to work on a little more!

I have a wonderful support network of family, friends and online fellow artists who continue to encourage me to grow as an artist.

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