Half-peeled orange: a group challenge

I don't often participate in challenges. But when I first started using watercolours, it was fun to see if I could successfully paint a realistic orange from a reference photo. Art challenges encourage artists to create on a regular basis and share their art with others on social media sites.

There are many challenges out there for all types of creative interests.

For example, Inktober is popular with artists who love sketching with ink. As the name suggests, this challenge occurs every October; however, the founder of the challenge has recently published Inktober All Year Long.

Visit the website to see all the prompts.

TinkerLab offers 12 months of prompts to encourage everyone to try something creative without any inhibitions. You may start at any time...and use any medium or style you prefer.

World Watercolor Month in July is another very popular challenge for people who love to dabble in watercolors.

It's always interesting to see different interpretations of the prompts given in any particular challenge.

This post below was first published in 2016.

Paint and Draw Together.

The half-peeled orange is the second entry for Lela Stankovich's "Paint and Draw Together" challenge.

Now and then, Lela posts a reference photo on her website, and artists are invited to paint or draw the subject of the challenge in any chosen medium.

paint and draw together challenge - half-peeled orange

My half-peeled orange was painted with a Sakura Koi Pocket Travel watercolor set in a Pentalic sketchbook.

I first participated in this challenge on April 11, 2015 when I painted the gates outside Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Since then, I have also painted Miss Daisy as one of the challenges.

My submissions are at Paint and Draw Together. You can view all the past challenges and even join the group and add your own creations to the website. It's all good fun.

Anyone can participate and it is always interesting to see the different interpretations of the same reference photo.

What creative challenges have you accepted? Were you able to follow through and paint for the entire duration of the challenge?


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  • What a lovely orange in watercolor, Louise! I like creating little challenges for myself to keep me motivated in my art. I am currently creating art tags. I will post them soon so you can see them.

    • Thanks Jill. Watercolours are a pleasant change from acrylics. I too like to try different challenges: I have a lump of paper clay that I want to try working with again, and I am still working on florals. I look forward to seeing your art tags! Cheers!

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