For Throwback Thursday, I am publishing a watercolour painting completed in 2016 in a sketchbook. If you wish to learn to sketch and paint in a sketchbook, visit my workshop page. This type of activity is inexpensive and very relaxing.


Half-peeled orange: a group challenge

The half-peeled orange is the second entry for Lela Stankovich's "Paint and Draw Together" challenge.

Now and then, Lela posts a reference photo on her website, and artists are invited to paint or draw the subject of the challenge in any chosen medium.

paint and draw together challenge - half-peeled orange

My half-peeled orange was painted with a Sakura Koi Pocket Travel watercolor set in a Pentalic sketchbook.

I first participated in this challenge on April 11, 2015 when I painted the gates outside Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Since then, I have also painted Miss Daisy as one of the challenges.

My submissions are at . Scroll down the list of names on the right-hand side of the opening page and click on my name.

Anyone can participate and it is always interesting to see the different interpretations of the same reference photo.

Note added: 2019

I admit that I am busy with projects of interest to me, including commissions and workshops. This year, I have limited my lessons and challenges so that I might be able to concentrate more on my own work, including experiments. 


What challenges have you accepted? Were you able to follow through and paint for the entire duration of the challenge?

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