National Puppy Day...hug your puppy today!

Ahhhh puppies...we want to cuddle them and enjoy their clumsy playfulness! Those soft bundles of energy are great stress relievers. No wonder that an entire day is devoted to puppies!  However, if you don't have a puppy, hug your dog many times as usual!

(This post was first published in March 2019 and I have updated it.)

Storm, the Chesapeake.

Meet Storm at about three months old. It's impossible not to fall in love with those adorable blue eyes.

I painted Storm against textured wood keeping in mind that Storm enjoyed the outdoors. I imagined him in front of an old barn.

Storm, a Chesapeake, acrylic on 20" x 20" canvas by Ottawa custom pet portrait artist, Louise Primeau.
Storm in glorious colour!  Acrylics on 20 X 20, my largest pet portrait to date, on gallery wrapped canvas.


Storm loved camping in Algonquin Park with his human family. Early in the evening, as the sun dipped down into the lake, (and sometimes sooner), he retired to the tent where the family would sleep.

Louise and her portrait of Storm
Storm painted in acrylic on 20" x 20" gallery wrapped canvas.

But his greatest joy by far was running excitedly in the grassy fields whenever he was in the country. As a youngster, he often went hunting for partridge and geese with his owner.

Shortly after I gave the painting to Storm's owners, Storm had to be put to sleep. At 12 years old, his old bones were often sore. Like many dogs his age, he had lost his hearing, and probably some sight as well. I was happy to have been able to give his owners a remembrance of their last dog.

Phlox, the Dutch Sheepdog.

I first painted Phlox in 2017 against a red background with her long hair flowing in the breeze.

She was painted again in 2018 on a birch slice.

Below you see her as a puppy in two photos. Then more recently, she appears with her long hair covering her eyes, her natural look. Phlox was happiest when she was sitting on someone's lap. Read her story here. Since my paintings, Phlox has also crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Emma, a Golden Doodle

Emma has always been more Golden than poodle in appearance. With her big brown eyes, she is simply irresistible!

Sweet, even-tempered, adult Emma, now nine years old, was painted on a birch slice for Christmas, 2018.

Chico, the Havanese.

Finally, Chico, a Havanese, was our second dog.

When our first dog, a Maltese named Mopsy, died in 2005, the house was much too quiet. Of course, we just had to have another greeter for our guests!

Chico was the perfect dog by far...he loved adults and children alike. During puppy obedience classes, he had everyone in stitches with his funny antics.

Always the clown, he would skip and hop down the hall to greet everyone at the front door. During summer months, he sat at the door or window and watched all the action outdoors. He was a carefree, happy dog until he became sick later in life.

Chico, only a few months old, below.

In 2018, we said our final goodbye to much-loved Chico.



Order your own pet portrait!

For other pet portraits, visit my Custom Pet Portrait Page.

During the last few months of 2021, my painting has slowed down a bit because of health issues. However, I am gearing up to paint once again. Although painting is a bit slow right now, I promise that I am moving forward. Thank you to my loyal customers who have patiently waited for their pet portraits. You are the best!

Add your name to my waiting list!

Contact me if you wish to commission your own unique pet portrait. I am now taking orders for June. My Christmas orders begin to arrive during the summer and last year (2020) was incredibly busy. Don't be disappointed!

Keep in mind that it is also possible to have your pet painted on reclaimed wood or on a wood slice. Wood slice ornaments are especially popular for Christmas giving.

In the meantime, give your favourite pet a hug and a special treat today!  They are all such sweet companions in our lives. 

Artfully yours,


P.S.( 2021) - Sophie, our Maltese should be mentioned too even though we never saw her as a puppy. Sophie joined our family when she was three years old. I sketched her and painted her as well. Sophie left us on February 23 this year.  She had been sick for two years and during that time, she remained the sweetest, undemanding little darling.  Run free sweet Sophie.


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