Pamela Vosseller, mixed media artist.

Not my circus, not my monkey by Pamela Vosseler, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Not my circus, not my monkey.

Pamela Vosseller's art journey began over 25 years ago.

She is internationally known as a watercolorist with her art background starting in graphite and pastels.

During the last 10 years, she discovered that once you learn the art rules you can break them.

Pamela loves adding mixed media to her paintings and believes any substrate, product, or tool can be used for creativity.

Exhibits and publications

Pamela’s artwork has been honored in the Coos Museum, and the Eugene Mayor’s Art Exhibit in Oregon.

In addition, her work has been published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine, Denali Literary and Arts Magazine through LCC, and the Oregon Coast Magazine.

Currently, Pamela is exhibiting in both The River Gallery and The Mindpower Gallery in Oregon.

Release by Pamela Vosseler, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations

Focus on human form and stories

Her current focus is on portraiture, the human form, and the stories that grow from the voice that is given life to the artwork as it progresses.

While Pamela believes that art is not always painting what is most beautiful, she finds excitement in the oddities of the human expression, style, and activity.

Pamela Vosseller's online art classroom

In 2017, Pamela returned to teaching and is focused on using her online art website, Pamela Vosseller’s Art School to offer an online classroom setting.

She loves to learn and teach others that they too can create.

Students learn painting and journal creating with acrylics, stains, collage, graphite, charcoal, and oils. New students are always welcome.

Pamela tells her students, “We all have an inner critic. Creating is a struggle at times, especially when we think we are not good enough. We must learn to accept the inner critic as a friend and push forward believing we can create. If we don’t try, we will never know what we might have missed.”

How to reach Pamela

You can connect with Pamela through her artist community and online gallery on Facebook:


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