Shirley Rose Cockburn’s creative journey begins in Singapore.

Black Bear by Shirley Rose Cockburn, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Black Bear

I am a progressive artist working in gouaches, watercolors, acrylic and gold leaf.

While living in Singapore in the early 90s, I studied paper making and marbling, together with calligraphy. I was instantly captured by the silky flow of gouaches and inks applied to the picture plane, using various nibs and brushes.

My fascination for the feel and texture of paper led me to study the techniques of handmade paper making, and in turn, to produce handmade books.

A return to her roots and further studies in art.

I returned to Northern Ontario in 1995. My growing interest in a wide range of art forms guided me to expand my knowledge and applications.

Since that time I have studied at Canadore College, Nipissing University Bachelor of Arts program. Furthermore, I have taken numerous courses and workshops from renowned Canadian (Johannes Vloothius) and/or international (Richard Robinson) artists.

True North by Shirley Rose Cockburn, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
True North

My studies will remain an ongoing project as I continue to interpret the landscape through my paintings. My studio holds a substantial library of art books and art DVDs. I am forever reading and studying to appease my insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Shirley Rose’s preferred substrates.
Wolf by Shirley Rose Cockburn, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations

I work on canvas some of which I wrap myself. Once painted, the canvases are ready to hang.

In addition, I paint on other high quality surfaces such as acid free canvas boards, mahogany, masonite, tree free paper and other specialty artist surfaces.

On the other hand, some of my works are presented in simple black frames which I order from a top-of-the-line Ontario supplier.

Professional framing, as beautiful as it is, adds to the cost of any artwork. I leave the choice of upgrading the framing to the client.

Northern Ontario landscapes prominently featured in body of work.

My landscapes capture the serenity of Northern Ontario’s meditative landscape.

Strength in the windswept pine parallels the intensity of human beings encountering life’s many challenges. The openness of our lakes and rivers allows us to absorb the quietude which we so desperately desire and need. While our world seems to be getting smaller and smaller with the passing years, the vastness of our forests reminds us that there are still countless unexplored territories.

I do not strive for perfection in my paintings because life is not perfect and to pretend that it is would be a fool’s errand.

I like to portray simple yet refined paintings; life is better understood when all the cacophony and materialism of our societies are removed. Only then can we truly see ourselves as intrinsic individuals standing tall and proud in the face of adversity – our strength can take us to the highest point in togetherness with the beautiful windswept pine and its encompassing environment.

Love Life – Hug Your Loved Ones Every Single Day – and Smile!

Shirley Rose Cockburn

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See my work in person at - Northland Traders, Temagami, Ontario, Canada  – Summer Gallery.

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