Annoying Patty, on Zoom, has more than one question!

Meet Patty, the Zoom Face that you wish did not show up for meetings.

The faces you see on Zoom by Louise's ARTiculations
Patty always has a question...


She is the one who never prepares for meetings ahead of time.

Even though the boss sends all the material several days in advance of the meeting, she just doesn’t care to read it ahead of the Zoom call.

While everyone else rolls their eyes, (off camera) or sighs (mute the sound), she continues to ask unnecessary questions. The answers of course are detailed in those lengthy emails everyone was expected to read in advance of the weekly or monthly meeting.

Zoom question - Have you met a Patty?

Surely you have met a Patty...there is one in each workplace.

Time is ticking by at the end of the day. Everyone has something to finish before quitting for the day. The boss assured employees the meeting would be done in an hour.

But each time Patty asks a question, someone gives a long winded answer.  Everyone cringes when Patty begins to speak. Is she that clueless? Does she just like to hear herself talk during a meeting?

Why does the boss tolerate this anyway? This is the question we ask ourselves all the time!

Do you know a Patty? Or someone else who knows which nerve to pinch? Tell me about it and I might use your story (anonymously of course) in one of my future Zoom faces.

Zoom series started just for fun…

Last year at this time, few of us would have known what a Zoom meeting meant.

Since March 2020, most of us have had to participate in a Zoom call for many activities such as group choirs, orchestras, team meetings, business meetings of all kinds.

The Faces you see on Zoom. For previous Zoom faces click to see Felix and Anita.


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