Felix is our Friday Zoom Face.


zoom face line drawing
“Are you feeling those mellow weekend vibes yet? The faces you see on Zoom line drawing.

Felix can hardly contain his excitement during Friday’s Zoom meeting. Under ordinary times, after work he would be meeting friends at the local pub before heading home.

But this being 2021, Felix hasn’t been to the office in almost a year. He and his team meet regularly via Zoom.

So why is Felix so excited?

No one really knows except that he is the kind of guy who lives life to the fullest and appreciates even the smallest gifts life has to offer.

And a weekend with the family is still something to celebrate. It is a precious gift!


Zoom series started just for fun…

Last year at this time, few of us would have known what a Zoom meeting meant.

Since March 2020, most of us have had to participate in a Zoom call for many activities such as group choirs, orchestras, team meetings and even for meetings with lawyers, in our case, for the sale and purchase of homes.

In the spirit of the times, I have started a series called The Faces you see on Zoom Calls. First in the series, This is my Monday Morning Happy Face!

The details of Faces You See on Zoom…


reference photo for line drawing
Reference photo. Copyright free by Nathan Dunlao at unsplash.

Felix is painted on 6 x 9 watercolour Bee paper. Background was leftover paint from other projects that were dabbed onto the paper. I used a Sharpie marker, for the line drawing and then embellished with metallic paint in the the hair over the Sharpie squiggles (a very artistic term!), then thought, why not use the fineliner filled with white acrylic paint. Yes, why not? I collaged green paper for his sweater and painted the tongue red…and there he is! Line drawings are fun! And Felix is a fun guy! ?‍♀️the faces you see on zoom line drawing

“Are you feeling those mellow weekend vibes yet?” – The faces you see on Zoom line drawing.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!



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