Sue Clancy: inspiration is everywhere.

I began drawing daily as a child when I lived with my grandmother. She kept a stack of paper and a chipped ceramic cup full of pencils and pens in a corner of her kitchen. I would sit and draw while she cooked. Grandmother had an illicit catering business, making pies, cakes, full meals for under-the-table hire. She was always cooking. I was always drawing.

Illustrations and puns work together in Sue’s work.

Cookbooks, bakeries, food, coffee shops, bookstores, animals of all kinds inspire me. So do books and beverages.

Books are our largest resource of people and perhaps ironically, books can be a civilizing influence on people. So it suits my sense of humor to depict animals reading books.

Humor, going for a gentle laugh, is my highest inspiration and aspiration. I love wordplay and visual puns. The pleasure of seeing people look at my artwork and burst out laughing is my favorite achievement.

Some of my favorite artists are, in no particular order, Shel Silverstein, Edward Gorey, Deloss McGraw, Eric Carle, Tomi Ungerer, Clyde Watson to name just a few.

Art work for children.

Perhaps it won't surprise you then to hear that I make artist books for children.

I define an artist book as a book-construct conceived and created as an art object by an artist. Mostly I create using ink and gouache because that media works well in a hand bound book format and it also looks good in reproductions.

I just happen to create some of my artist books with children in mind. You can see, as of this writing, 7 of my artist books for children, for free, on Storyberries if you search on Storyberries for my name "Sue Clancy".

All of my artist books are available via my website


Since the pandemic began and in-person visits to art galleries have been curtailed, in addition to printed books and ebooks, I have added fabric designs, coffee mugs, jigsaw puzzles and other items to my creative output. My artistic mission currently is to make people smile - including myself.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that I have finished illustrations for Pembral Forgets, a book written by Steve Tubbs

Find Sue Clancy products...

In addition to my website I have original products available in shops in the following places:

Spoonflower -

Zazzle -

Society 6 -


On my website blog and on my Instagram I sometimes serialize my artist books as they're being created.

During this pandemic I've tried to post once a day on my Instagram and once a week on my blog because we can all use a smile.

Printed copies of Sue Clancy books.

Here's a list of my artist books for children and where you can preview them and get a printed copy:


Alphapets Too -

Numpurrs -

The Crow And The Water Jug -

Patch La Belle -

My fine art is represented in the following galleries:

Caplan Art Designs -

Aurora Gallery -

Joseph Gierek Fine Art -

I want to continue to blur the lines between fine art, artist books and ordinary life in funny odd ways. Every day I hope for a belly laugh.


To view other artists who have been featured on my website in the last 3 years, please visit the Guest Artist page.

I am grateful for all the talented, productive artists and creatives from all over the world (photographer, author...) who have appeared on Louise's ARTiculations.

If you are a creative and would like to be featured in this space, please contact me. This feature will continue this year as my goal is to share the wonderful work of all types of creatives.

I do not charge a fee to showcase your creative work!

Many featured guests remain in my circle of friends on social media sites, and some, I have even met in person.

Thanks for reading and sharing a grin.


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