Merry Christmas from our house to yours...

So much to be grateful for this year, but I am especially thankful that loved ones are healthy.

I hope you are as well!

I am especially grateful this year for the simple things : More time for long walks, for leisurely mornings in pyjamas, for dreaming of all the places we will visit once we are safe again.

More time also for discoveries, such as the area in these photos.

Only 15 minutes from our home, a lovely bike/snowshoe/... path in the countryside discovered while walking with a friend just a few days ago. Back then, there was no snow - it had all melted away.

Then yesterday, a fresh snowfall brought a dreamy, romantic feel to this charming little corner of the world.

Today, Christmas Eve, rain is in the forecast with another snowfall predicted for tomorrow. Crazy weather but this is the type of winter forecasters promised.

May this post find you and yours in good health and spirits.

May the magic of Christmas remain with you all year long.

And since there is no better way to feel that magic than through the eyes of a child, I add a few of my favourite photos of the day.

All photos taken along the cross-Canada bike path in Bourget, Ontario where families who live along the old railway tracks, have decorated trees thematically. The last photo was taken by a 9 year old. She is very adept with a camera!

Merry Christmas

Christmas wishes from Canada.
From Canada, the Great White North, to your house, wherever you may be, best wishes for this magical season!


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