Lacey’s pet portrait arrived a day late…but she is now hanging in the family tree.

During the last two weeks I have been worried that a pet portrait ornament I sent to the States might have been lost in transit.

The client and I knew the postal service in both countries was swamped with holiday parcels. We kept our fingers crossed the ornament would reach its destination around Christmas. I am relieved to know that the parcel arrived yesterday, December 26.

So here is Lacey, smiling happily in the family tree where she should have been on Christmas Day.

Lacey's story.

If you love pets, you will understand this story.

The client writes that they were heartbroken when they lost their Golden Retriever, Angel, and immediately started searching for another dog similar to Angel.

Lacey’s picture was on Sirius Star Rescue. She was five months old and had been “left chained up when her owner was sent to Afghanistan.  She has a scar on her leg from the chain and suffers from separation anxiety.”

The client really wanted to adopt this beautiful dog because she looked very much like Angel. However, many people were interested and so there was a strict process that had to be followed in order to adopt her.

The days turned into weeks and the family wasn’t sure they would be chosen so they adopted another dog, Max, who was at a kill shelter in Virginia.

In time, the family welcomed Lacey and both Max and Lacey grew up together. They are both turning 13 in January and are a “blessing” for the family.

Visit my Cherished Pets Hall of Fame to view photos of pets with their wood slices sent to me by my clients.  If your pet was painted by me on a wood slice or canvas or paper, and you would like to add your furry companion to my Hall of Fame, contact me here.  I would love to hear about the latest antics so drop me a note along with the photo!

A pet portrait on a wood slice is always appreciated for any occasion.

pet portraits on hearts
Phlox and Tunga, Dutch Sheepdogs, painted on wood hearts.

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  • Lovely hearing all these stories Louise, so pleased your artwork turned up! Seems that the postal services worldwide aren’t coping, it is just as bad here, more because so many people are now doing online shopping, something we would never have given much thought to in the past,

    • All that online shopping comes at a cost to our local businesses as you well know. On the other hand, this is a boon to our postal service as it was dying a slow painful death before this pandemic. Let’s just hope some kind of balance is eventually achieved somehow after the pandemic has passed.

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