Amazing, Talented Guest Artists....!

Thank you to all the amazing, talented artists who shared their stories and creativity with my readers in 2020.

I am very grateful for all the artists/creatives from around the world who appeared as guests on my website. Click on the links below to see the article relating their creative journeys and to view, once again, their wonderful work. Encourage them by following them on social media sites.

Ileana Prosper Holman

Pamela Vosseller

Suzanne Munroe

Patsy Sherod

Bebe Keith

Janice Mullins

Christie Markins


Donna Donovan

Kimberly Deene

Ann Sinarski

Alissa Kari

Laura Hunt

Tatiana Mack

Hazel E. Tanuchi

Layne Chun

Stefanie Hunsaker

Len Shane

Saskia van Drunen

Sammar Siddiqui

Rosita Frick

Soila Tuominen

Sherry McDonald

Shawnta (Cermeno )Williams

Common threads evident in artists’ stories

Some common threads emerge over and over from our shared stories:

  • So many of us didn’t choose to make a living from our art when we were young. Our parents encouraged us to find more “stable, dependable” work.

Counter that with the common thread that many artists are willing to take that risk later in life when we have tired of the workplace and need to find something more personally rewarding.

Of course, there are artists who do manage a day job outside of the art world and also find time during their busy day for art. The secret they share is to work small. Or to parcel the work in little bits here and there and make them more manageable. In all cases, the suggestion is to enjoy the process and not worry so much about the outcome.

Join the group and share your story in 2021.

And so, as I begin a fourth year of highlighting and sharing the work of such a talented group of people from around the world, I encourage you to join the group whether you are a sculptor, a photographer, a jewellery maker, or an artisan, or creative of any type.

Contact me to receive an information letter with the explanations for joining this illustrious group of guest artists or simply if you have any questions. I will try to answer any concerns you might have.

Happy and healthy new year from my studio to you!


Header image by Sarah Evans at unsplash

Thank you image by Jon Tyson at unsplash

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