Celebrate endings and new possibilities...

Each December, as we crack open a calendar for the next year (does anyone still use a paper calendar?) it is as though we are starting a fresh chapter in our lives, or maybe even a whole new novel!

Otherwise, why hold off until January of a new year to join the gym, to learn to cook, to stop smoking, to lose weight, to declutter...

So when we send warm new year greetings to friends and family, we are, in a way,  wishing them success in making their dreams (or resolutions) for the future come true. A new year offers 12 months of new possibilities for a fresh start.

Painted and digitally enhanced portrait of kitty with red bow by Louise Primeau.
Painted in acrylics on paper and digitally enhanced portrait of kitty with red bow.


My New Year wishes for you...


Louise and Uppercase Magazine issue in which her cat portrait appeared.
Uppercase issue 58 with my painted portrait of Suri in it. Summer 2023.

May this new year bring you much joy, afford you many moments to feel the love that surrounds you, to be successful in whatever ways are most meaningful to you. And may you find strength, and determination to make all your dreams come true.


To all of you who add sparkle to my life, I thank you. There are so many of you that I would surely forget someone if I named all of you!

Louise - December 31, 2023

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  • We definitely still have paper calendars, one in my art room which is usually art oriented and in the pantry which is teapots. That’s the one I have to use so Les knows what I’m doing lol… and as for declutterring, there is hardly a room or cupboard that hasn’t been cleared out over the past couple of weeks. Brought about due to looking at a smaller home and realizing how much we would need to get rid of. Decision made to stay where we are and cull anyway

    • A move is such work! I remember how much you culled when you moved to Melbourne where your home is so lovely and where you have invested in the outdoor space and the kitchen to make it truly your own.

      It’s good to reassess and get rid of all extra “stuff” that hasn’t been used in a long time. I think I would go stir crazy in a home that is too small. I like having space even if we don’t use all areas of the home where we presently live. The most used spaces are living room, dining room, kitchen, art room, basement common area, and family room. We have three bedrooms and one bathroom that are used only on occasions when we have guests. For now anyway, this is where we will stay.

    • Thank you! Catching up with all the comments as we were away on a beach holiday. Came home just in time for fresh snow. We had a green Christmas here in Ontario. Have a great week Phil.

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