"I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year."  ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay.

As I was looking through my old blog posts, I remembered this painting from last year.  Now that the seasons are changing, I thought this forlorn looking woman would be suitable for this week's Throwback Thursday publication. Don't we all feel this way when we say goodbye to summer?

Mixed media fantasy painting - Only summer to your heart

"Only summer to your heart" 12 X 9 mixed media painting on Fabriano Hot Press watercolour paper.

I hadn't painted with watercolours in quite a while.  With this painting there were many new techniques to learn.

New strategies for watercolour

I forced myself to walk away before applying more watercolour to the paper. The paper can absorb only so much water before it begins to shred. It's very tricky to know when to stop. Adding more water on top of still damp paper can result in unwanted blooms. Sometimes, blooms are needed for a desired effect, but in this painting, I was trying to avoid them. With too much water, paper becomes saturated, and then nothing more can be done in that area.

Having many projects on the go helps: I can work on several portraits at a time while waiting for paint to dry.

However, as this is my first try, and as I have a few other assignments to complete for this course with Katrina Koltes, I must be patient with myself.

Other paintings using Katrina's techniques can be found here  A child of the palace of dreams and here The last dream of my soul.

Learning from other artists...

In Katrina's classes,  I am always being challenged. For example, with this painting,  I learned to use a straw to "push" the watercolour into streaks, a very unusual effect, and to apply coloured pencils in areas where I want to bump up the colour a few notches.

These are all techniques that can be transferred to other projects.

The learning never ends and I am trying to catch up to so many years when I feel I should have been painting.

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