Four ornaments of pretty poinsettias ready for Christmas.


Four whimsical poinsettias painted in acrylic on 3” Canadian birch slices are ready in time for Christmas.

Four Poinsettias on display painted by Louise Primeau.
Four poinsettias on display.


The client contacted me remembering a poinsettia I published two years ago on my website, Poinsettias Past and Present. I used the same poinsettia last year on my Christmas cards. She wanted to order similarly painted ornaments but left the colours and style entirely up to me.

I was inspired by photos I saw of real poinsettias as I searched for the possible colours but then, I went my own way adding various colours with added gold and sparkles.

The background is the same for all poinsettias so that they can be displayed together to create a cohesive look even though they are quite different in colour.

Wood slice ornaments decorated with flowers (or with pet portraits) make excellent gifts whether given by themselves or attached to a bottle of wine, a cookie jar, a box of chocolates…so many possibilities.

These are my last commissions for 2023. My commissions wait list is already booked for January. I accept limited commissions. Please visit my website or contact me to discuss any art project you would like to see painted for you or for gift giving next year.

My poinsettia portfolio grows...

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    • HA! Not really. I have cut back on much of the usual Christmas activities – less baking, decorating, shopping…This year we are creating memories together as we did pre-Covid rather than gift giving. That eases the pressure to find just the right gift as everyone likes and is looking forward to the holiday we have planned. Thanks for stopping by Graham! (Still haven’t fixed that earlier wordpress issue).

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