A tulip farm filled a need to see bright colours in profusion yesterday, on Mother's Day.

We were lucky to have a sunny day to take photos; however, the weather is still fluctuating between comfortably warm and downright cool in eastern Ontario. The timing and weather were perfect for a little road trip.

Row of sunshine at Green Corners Tulip Farm.
Row of Sunshine

Last year, I discovered several farms in the national capital area that allow visitors to pick a bouquet of seasonal flowers while wandering (and photographing) the fields. Many even allow well-behaved dogs, and we did bring our Rosie with us on our outing.

Green Corners U-Pick Tulip Farm.

Only a 35-minute drive from home in Rockland, Ontario (east of Ottawa) Green Corners Farm in Edwards, Ontario (south of Ottawa) is a 13 acre farm filled row upon row, with glorious tulips of all colours. The farm planted 160,000 bulbs and this was the last weekend to view them all in bloom.

Green Corners features “Ottawa’s signature flowers, as it is an official grower for the Canadian Tulip Festival). For $10.00, we could buy a ticket just to look. We bought tickets to pick for another $10.00.

When the weather is too cool and /or windy, I search for different local points of interest not often found by tourists, and we take a leisurely road trip as tourists discovering many sweet spots along the way. For example, we visited a butterfly farm, a pretty wharf on the St-Lawrence, a well-preserved church and graveyard with historical significance, a winery, painted silos, a cheese factory, all within a few hours from our home.

Local photographers who have appeared on this website.

For wonderful photographs of Ottawa's tulip festival, see this post from 2019 by Kris Kennedy Featured photographer: Kris Kennedy.

If you would like to discover one-day trips within or close to the Ottawa area, read this post from 2021. Featured photographer, Jennifer Sloan, shares her passion for hidden gems and spectacular vistas. Jennifer will prepare a package for you that is sure to be amazing!



There are many delightful areas to visit within an hour of our home.

When the weather is just too cool and /or windy to be doing much outside, it is perfect for a road trip to discover places along the less beaten path.

If you are visiting the Ottawa area, it is well worth finding hidden gems where tourists often don't think of visiting.  There is much more to the capital region than the downtown sites.

To contact Green Corners Farm:




Look for the magic in your area! 


Share your favourite place (wherever you live) below. What is special about it?

Give me suggestions if you live in eastern Ontario.

I am always looking for unique places to visit and showcase on my website!


4 Responses

    • Thank you Vivienne. Definitely an uplifting place to visit! Rosie wasn’t too sure what to make of it all!

  • Aren’t those tulips beautiful, we visited our local tulip farm last year, no picking though, and it is very commercialized now. Rosie looks so happy amongst the flowers ❤️ I, like you, so always looking for somewhere new to visit. The same when we go away on a trip.

    • There are many wonderful places nearby. I think I will publish photos from those visits at some point this summer, especially as I am spending less time in the art room.

      I didn’t even know we had tulip farms in the area. It was a happy discovery and a lovely Mother’s Day activity.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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