Revisiting Georgie, the first cat I painted.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods.  They have not forgotten this.”  ~ Terry Pratchett.

"Georgie" 9x12" Prismacolor pencil art on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper

“Georgie” 9×12″ Prismacolor pencil art on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper.

Earlier this week, I painted my oldest dog, Chico.  In looking through past blog posts, I see that I have painted my dogs more often than I thought although they were never painted in such detail as with acrylic.  In 2015, I sketched my Maltese, Sophie. A relaxed dog is an easy one to sketch.

One portrait that has remained a personal favourite, is that of Georgie the cat, painted in 2014 as a gift for my American friend, Linda.

In my portrait, Georgie thinks she is the queen of her territory.

We can see her little smirk as a result of having lost a few teeth, and her relaxed, aloof gaze as though she is above everything and everyone.  A very regal pose.

Or perhaps she is just slightly disdainful because we have dared to walk by her one more time without giving her that which she feels is owed to her, whether it is a treat or a brushing.

photo of "Georgie" the cat- model for painted pencil portrait

Georgie’s portrait was a labour of love.  

R.I.P. Georgie. (2015)

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  • I have always loved that cat! I did one from a magazine shoot and my sister in law said the other day if she had to choose from my paintings the cat was one of her favourites, but no! I am not giving it away so she suggested that maybe I could draw/paint the dog she used to have, a Pug named Copy. Oh my …..

    • Sally, you could photocopy it for her at a store where they have very good quality printers. Once in the frame, you can’t really tell it is a photocopy. Love that name! Yes, you have another challenge there with painting Copy!

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