Whimsical feline portraits.

How did Tigger manage to get that wreath around his neck? He is quite concerned…who will help him out of this mess?

Sydney, on the other hand, has an innocent look about her.

(First published in December 2019.)

Tigger and Sydney
Tigger and Sydney painted in acrylic on Canadian birch slices.


This is a classic case of feline jealousy.

Sydney is wearing a miniature Christmas bow tie. Visitors arriving at the door comment on how pretty she is with her lovely bow tie. They lavish her with attention and praise.

Poor Tigger wonders why he doesn’t have something pretty around his neck.

Meanwhile, Sydney continues to receive all the compliments and more importantly, all the love!

More guests arrive and everyone is sitting around, listening to Christmas music and chatting. No one is paying attention to the little felines.

An empty wreath and a jealous cat: things happen!

And then Tigger sees the wreath on the table.

His owner had earlier added a candy cane candle in the centre of the wreath. The candle is removed as food is brought to the buffet table. However, someone forgot the now empty wreath.

Being the resourceful cat that he is, Tigger has an idea. He slips his head under the wreath and he too, is ready for Santa’s visit later in the evening.

Well, once guests see him, they laugh.

Out come the cell phones and Tigger is the centre of attention (and the universe is unfolding as it should) as everyone wants to have their picture taken with him.

He even manages to photobomb a young couple’s special moment as they kiss under the mistletoe!

And that is how Tigger livened up a boring Christmas party for his owners and received more attention than Sydney.

The details of Tigger and Sydney wood slices.

Tigger and Sydney are painted in acrylics and the slices are given two coats of high gloss varnish.

The client had a special request: to paint Tigger without the lesion in the photo.  Besides that one request, the client did want a Christmas theme.

Contact me if you wish a custom portrait painted on a birch slice. Your name will be added to my waiting list for next year's commissions. (2022)

I purchase my birch slices from a supplier in Timmins, Ontario. The slices are kiln dried and measure approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. I would be happy to paint your little companion on canvas or on wood.

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