There are many reasons to consider artists should work on more than one project at a time...


At first glance, the idea of having many projects on the go might seem…shall we say, a bit scatterbrained? or maybe even daunting?  But if you know me, you know that I am easily bored and must always be experimenting, painting over old works, asking what if...?

I prefer to look at it as multi-tasking.

(First published in February 2019, the advice in the article still holds true for me today.  As an example, I have several floral ornaments on the art table, as well as pet portraits on the go. I am also in the planning stages for more paintings for my home).

So while I do have probably 8 different projects in the works at any given time, I chose to open up my journal and start this summery portrait.

Journaling WIP - Sunny Days
Unfinished journal entry. Experimentation and many what ifs...


Why have many projects in the works?


  1. Variety: nothing is more enticing to the artist than to have a variety of different projects to work on. So today you feel like working with clay? Take out the tools, clear a space and go for it. Tomorrow, you might want to work on that floral arrangement that has been partially finished for months. A steady diet of the same food is boring. The same applies to art.

  2. Trying new techniques: artists are constantly experimenting. There is a sense of adventure, of mystery when you don’t really know what the end result might be. It is often during these moments that we make very interesting discoveries.

  3. Art and feelings go together. One day, you might want to paint something joyful, the next you might be inspired by something you saw or heard and another feeling surfaces. Artists have to go with the flow.

Work in Progress in Portrait Journal

“Sunny Days” – (initial title…)

For this sketch, I was going to use watercolour and Inktense pencils, and then another idea came to mind.  Out came acrylic ink, acrylics, gesso, and for now, collage...and no watercolour.

Sunny Days with help from apps
The same WIP with the added help of a few apps.


I am not quite sure where I am going with her, but I like the colours and the light on her face. I am also pleased with her arms and hands.

The flower on her head has not been glued on. Perhaps I will try stencilling around her…I am not sure. I suppose this is what intuitive painting is all about. It is a nice change from the exacting nature of portrait painting.

Finally, in order to get her ready for this post, I used several apps to make her presentable.

As she is not yet finished, who knows what she will look like in the end?

And that is the reason she is painted in a sketchbook. This is all experimental and a needed break from the more rigorous portraits that I love to paint.

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Journaling Workshops with Louise.

If you would like to experience the joys of journaling, I offer journaling workshops in my home.  I can tailor the workshop to your specific interests.  In the meantime, I have developed several sessions to inspire you and to get your convinced that journaling is a fun way to unwind.  Please visit Sketching every day for beginners.

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    • Hello Priti,

      Multitasking is really helpful. There is always something to do for an artist even if it simply to clean the mess made in the art studio or wherever the magic happens. Thank you for stopping by…it is much appreciated!

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