“Woolly Anticipation”.


Little Spring Lamb, “Woolly Anticipation”, is a promise that spring is here to stay in eastern Ontario. Weather is a fickle thing this year. Winter felt like a long extension of fall with little glimpses of spring. We hardly had any snow and the temperature was much milder than any other winter I can remember. Snowshoeing, outdoor skating, skiing opportunities were limited to a few cold days in February.

This winter, we walked a lot more than usual. Sidewalks and roads were generally clear of snow, slush, ice all winter long. Even the toboggan hill (not shown) was mostly bare all season.

Walking path around pond in Rockland, Ontario
Walking path around pond in Rockland, Ontario. Inukshuk welcomes early return of Canada Geese.

Now that spring is here, at least on the calendar, I look forward to -

  • Tender green shoots peeking through barely warmed earth
  • Early blooms of hyacinths, jonquils, tulips
  • Birdsong at dawn
  • Coffee on the deck in the morning sun
  • Absence of mosquitoes
  • Cool breezes at night
  • Refreshing, cleansing rains
Field of colours at Green Corners Tulip Farm
Field of colours at a local farm where we pick seasonal flowers.
The details of this experimental portrait

This sweet lamb was an experiment with a backlit portrait. Painted on an 8 x 8” wood cradle board, the portrait was an experiment with a glaze of purple to indicate the shaded front of this animal. I rather like the halo around the lamb because it allowed me to emphasize all that curly coat on this lamb. I also like the light shining through those perky ears! The easiest part was the background and the most difficult was the fur as I didn't really want to revert back to details and would have preferred to suggest the fur with broader strokes but well, it is what it is!

Woolly Anticipation. painted by Louise Primeau
Woolly Anticipation, Backlit Lamb painted by Louise Primeau
Other signs of spring…

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Nests in Her Hair for Spring (April 2023)

Rosie, A Biewer, Waits for Spring (March 2023)

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Rosie the Biewer waiting for a walk.
Rosie, my Biewer, is an anxious passenger!

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