For Throwback Thursday, this is the post I published in 2015 when we had a green Christmas. We did have snow this year although less than usual. (I can’t believe that this is the fourth Christmas that I have been writing snippets of my life!)

I am sending you, friends and family, my warmest wishes for  a healthy and happy 2019.

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.” ~ Bob Hope

An after Christmas visit  - acrylic painting

Another Christmas, so greatly anticipated, has come and gone.

Not a white Christmas this year

It was a strange holiday for me, one where the songs about a white Christmas, and sitting by the fire on a cold night didn’t quite jive with the green lawns and warm southerly breeze here in eastern Canada.

When Canadians picture Christmas, we think of thick, lazy snowflakes falling from a heavy sky, of boughs of pine trees laden with sparkling snow, and of the crunch of the white stuff under our heavy winter boots.

But this Christmas Eve, we were outdoors in spring coats joyfully (mostly) soaking up the weak rays of sunshine and enjoying another day more like Easter and Spring Break than Christmas.

The wintry scene above, painted many years ago, came to mind as the type of Christmas we imagine. One with lots of snow, crisp, cold wintry nights where the warmth of home invites us to linger indoors with family and friends.

True, we didn’t have that white Christmas this year. But there were other simple things to give us, as Bob Hope so aptly said, “the greatest glow of happiness”.

There was…..

time spent with loved ones….
the excitement of Christmas in children’s eyes….
good food, lots of it……
Christmas mass…
and a choir singing all the traditional songs ….
card games and laughter….
yes, there was laughter, and joy, and a bit of sadness too.

And now, with fresh snow, we are ready to greet 2016.

May yours be a healthy and happy new year.

2 Responses

  • Louise you never cease to amaze me with firstly, where you find all of the things other people have said to start your blog and secondly your plethora of art work that keeps coming to the fore, and thirdly how well you express yourself, something that I am totally incapable of doing, well, certainly not in your style.
    I am so glad I found you as a friend, you have added a wonderful new dimension to how I think and what I choose to do.

    • Wow! I am speechless! I have to admit I was questioning whether I was too chatty on my blog. I am always checking other artists’ blogs and I seem to have way more verbiage than they have. It’s a fine balance between the art content and the accompanying text. Everything is a work in progress including me!

      I am glad we found each other too. Just wish there wasn’t a whole world between us! Best wishes for health, happiness in the new year to both of you.

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