Another look at guest artists on my blog.

This year saw the beginning of a new venture for me at Louise’s ARTiculations.

Each month, I shared the stories and work of artists from Australia, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, and Canada. I am so thankful for all their wonderful contributions, but mostly, I am grateful for their friendship and their generosity. Thank you to each and every guest artist.

Same struggle, different artist

In reading the texts they sent me, I was struck by the same message in almost all their stories: the struggle in creating works of art is real, but no one is ready to throw in the towel. We are all “making our souls grow” to borrow words by Kurt Vonnegut.

As the year comes to a close, I want to highlight their beautiful art one more time. Visit each artist's blog post by clicking on the hyperlink in blue. In each post, you will find links to contact the individual artist.

If you are a creative (a photographer, sculptor, woodworker, etc.) and would like to be a featured guest in 2019, please contact me here.

January - Sally Burke - A Trilogy of Birds.

February - Ana de Gortari - Fascinated by Colour and Form

April - Bobby Venedam - Creative all my life.

May - Inge Zoet - Rediscovering art in adulthood

June - Anne Kaczanowski - Going up the ladder to Wow!

July - Birgit Schulze - Documenting my life one sketch at a time

August - Tom LaBadia - Focused on mastering portraits

September - Astrid of Norway - A lifelong interest in art

October - Teresa Cash - Discovering a calling later in life.

November - Lee Kreklewetz - Art as a daily practice

December - Jenny Manno - Living a life artfully fulfilled

December - Kathy Whitham - Embracing my identity as an artist

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    • Thank you Tom. It was such a pleasure for me to showcase your awesome art on my blog. Best wishes for 2019! Keep in touch. (I have not signed up for any online classes this year as I am too busy for them AND I have too much experimenting on the go, but I look forward to seeing your work in my feed.) Louise

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