Cornish Rex and Tabby Portraits -Two Last Christmas Commissions

New additions to a young Ottawa couple’s family, the Cornish Rex and Tabby are the last two portraits I painted as commissions in 2022.

The Cornish Rex.

Like me, you might be unfamiliar with this very unique cat breed. With a bit of research, I learned that the Cornish Rex are about as close as you can get to having a dog within a cat’s body.

"Cornish Rexes may be seen as the Border Collies of the cat world. They're always on the move and do better if they have a job to do."   -

Characteristics of the Cornish Rex.

Displaying lots of confidence and highly intelligent, this breed loves people and follows them everywhere around the house, just waiting for a lap to sit on, much like our canine friends.

Whereas there are many cartoonists who show cats as aloof, and even disdainful, the Cornish Rex loves to perform tricks. In fact, the Cornish Rex welcomes all the attention and is willing to show his agility or any other acrobatics his owner might want to train him to do. For example, this cat will happily retrieve objects much like any dog.

Moreover, this furry companion likes to make himself heard and talk and say exactly what crosses his mind. Very much an active animal, the Cornish Rex is a speeding dervish at times, but even in his old age, will always seek companionship and human interaction, again, much like our canine friends.

For more information about the Cornish Rex, visit these websites:

In the client's words...Gary the Cornish Rex.

A 2 year old Cornish Rex, Gary has very short, wavy fur so there is no shedding. He greets our family and friends at the door all the time, and he follows us around the house and will play fetch. Whenever we relax and watch tv., he will happily sit on someone’s lap for hours. Because he is always cold, he especially loves snuggling up under a cozy blanket.


Tabby Clarence described by the client.

Clarence, well, Clarence is a teenager in the making! If there is any trouble somewhere, Clarence is sure to have his nose in it. His unusual name was an obvious choice for his owners as this cat is from the small eastern Ontario town, Clarence Creek.

Clarence loves his family cuddling him, giving him belly rubs, and he will just lie there and take it – and wait for more loving!

The Tabby's characteristics.

This cat is much more familiar to most of us.  While it is not a cat breed, it happens to have one of the most recognizable coat patterns. It is one of 5 types of cats with characteristic markings most especially, the usually visible M shaped fur patterns on the forehead. Technically speaking, no matter what colors or markings you see on your cat, all felines possess the tabby cat gene.

Although there is no one defining personality trait for the Tabby, their owners will often describe them as good with children and sweet-natured.

Other beloved felines painted over the years…

Although Gary is by far the most exotic cat I have painted, there are many more felines that have been painted in various styles to be seen in my portfolio. Several years ago, I was asked to paint Cheddar and Azara for a client who wanted to have their portraits printed on cushions for her living room. They are pictured below with ties and suits which is the way the client wanted them painted.

Visit my Custom Pet Portraits - whether pets are painted on recycled wood, birch slice, glass, paper, or traditional canvas, they are all there waiting for you on my website.

I would love to hear from you!  What will you create this year? Drop me a line... or two!

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