Newsletter in May reveals tips for working with pastels.

fixative for pastel portrait goes wrong
Splotchy fixative on pastel portrait "Lola".


Frustrations in the art room!

Has this ever happened to you?

You are almost at the point where you are satisfied with your work, whether it be painting or some other passion of yours...

...and then something happens, and you think ARRRGGGGHHHHH!  you may have spoiled the end result? Kind of like that delicate soufflé that never rises, or the Baked Alaska that becomes a gooey mess. You get the picture?

Well, you aren't alone.

Learn from my mistakes!

Avoid some of the pitfalls that frustrate artists when they first start working with pastels. In the May newsletter, I share some of the lessons I have learned about pastels.

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Louise with Nala, custom pet portrait
After a final photo with the portrait, this one is ready to be delivered to my client.

Are you new to my website? Here is a little information about me...

About Louise's ARTiculations...

I am the purchasing officer, photographer, blogger, editor, and brushwasher, working behind the scenes to keep my creative spirit nourished, and to add new content to this website while nurturing new friendships and contacts on my social media site.  It could be a full-time job if I let it, but that is not my goal.

What I do…

Besides the pet portrait commission work which I love, I experiment and create art that is at times personal, ( the sketches related to my Nonna as examples) sometimes introspective, and sometimes a failure. Uh-huh...that happens from time to time.

My mission as an artist…

To encourage you to find your creative spirit that was abandoned or set aside long ago. 

Many artists have told me that they were creative in childhood, but then, had to be more practical and forgot all about their artistic side until much later in life. I include posts on journaling, on art supplies and offer tips to find your creative mojo once again without having to spend a bundle of cash.

Furthermore, if you live in Canada's capital, I offer workshops that can be tailored to your needs or to the seasons. Sketching every day is an example of a beginner's workshop that will have you creating without stress and without having to spend a fortune on art supplies.

To support other artists and creatives by featuring their stories and work on my website's blog.

Twice a month, I publish the work of other artists from around the world. There are definitely more common elements that unite us than divide us, and I am pleased to offer space on my blog to encourage other artists and creatives in telling their stories of their journey and sharing their work.

I want you to be inspired by like-minded or very different artists and creatives within my circle of friends.  Of course, I hope that you will join me on one of my social media sites as my circle of friends from around the globe continues to grow!

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May newsletter reveals tips for pastels...

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