I never thought I would combine art with jokes.

There is a first time for everything, right?

Raccoon on wood slice by Louise Primeau, Ottawa, Canada artist.
Raccoon on Canadian birch slice.


Let me start with the art…I painted a raccoon on a wood slice just because I felt like painting something small. It is, in fact, the first wood slice painting for 2023. I usually start painting pet portraits on wood slices when the Christmas commissions requests arrive in my inbox in September. On occasion, I have been asked to paint a memorial portrait on a wood slice.  Some examples include Knight (2020) and Cocker Spaniel (2022), and Daisy, (2021).

The animals are dirty but the jokes are not!

Raccoons have always appealed to youngsters. Kids just love the cute little masked faces. They don’t worry about the damage raccoons can cause if they get into an attic or even into your garbage can. Nor do they worry about the disease raccoons can carry.

Kids love to tell jokes so in the twisted way my mind sometimes works, I wondered if there were any raccoon jokes out there. Surprisingly, I found many. Most were quite silly, but all were acceptable for children.

These are the types of jokes that will have you rolling your eyes and groaning – consider yourself warned! Share them with children and if they reciprocate (and I know they must have some excellent (clean) knock knock jokes), please share them with me below!

To me, there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter. P.T. Barnum

Have a great week!

Why did the raccoon take a culinary class? Because she was sick of eating trash.

What did the taxidermist say to the stuffed raccoon during an argument? What do you know? You are full of it!

When does a raccoon go “moo”? When he is learning a new language.

Why did the raccoon cross the road? to get to the trash can on the other side (of course!)

Why did the raccoon wear a striped shirt? To blend in with his fellow bandits.

Where does a raccoon keep its valuables? In the Garbage can!

(I warned you!)????

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    • Koalas are very cute! This raccoon was a quick little project. We had a sunny but cool weekend and I found time here and there to finish the little raccoon. Wishing you a fabulous week!

    • Thanks Phil. The raccoon jokes were kind of lame, but as I said, inoffensive and suitable for children. Have a great week!

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