Schnoodle Shady on watercolour paper.

Recently, I painted Shady, a totally adorable sweetheart on 9 x 12 watercolour paper.

Shady, pet portrait of a Schnoodle, by Louise's ARTiculations.
Shady, the Schnoodle.

A few months ago, I added pets painted on watercolour paper as an option for pet owners looking to have a portrait painted of their furry companions. (First published August, 2020).

Advantages of portraits on paper.

There are several advantages to having a pet painted on paper rather than on canvas.

Framing is perhaps the most important advantage for clients who prefer to find a frame to match other framed works of art.

However, paper portraits are easy to store especially for clients who move often, and take up less space than canvas portraits.

More importantly, once the portrait is behind glass, it is protected from dust and damage which is not the case with a canvas portrait.

After experimenting on paper (Kanuk, the German Shepherd; Ginger,the Corgi; and Ringo, the star Boxer), I was ready to offer free pet portraits to three lucky subscribers to my newsletter. Trudy was the first pet painted free for a lovely couple who came to my home to pick up their portrait.

Free portrait of Trudy
Trudy's portrait. Acrylic on 9 x 12 watercolour paper.

Why have your pet painted?

We have pictures but the movement of your brush strokes have brought back a vitality and character to her we knew and loved. There's been a space on our wall facing the backyard that I know she would love to be at looking out at her garden and birds. (Trudy’s owner, winner of first free pet portrait.)

My website includes a price list for painted pet portraits on canvas, paper, and on wood.  As well, you may read client testimonials for portraits I have painted in the last several years.

At the present time, I have a waiting list for fall portraits and I am not painting any new commissions this summer.

Contact me if you wish to add your name to my waiting list. Presently (2023) I am accepting commissions for fall and Christmas.

Features of Shady’s pet portrait.

Shady is painted in acrylic on 9 x 12 watercolour paper. A layer of gesso is applied at the beginning of the process and a coat of varnish completes the process.

Shady comes with a white, acid free bevelled matte and white backer inserted in a crystal clear resealable bag and is ready for framing.

The matte measurements: 12 x 16" outside and 8.5" x 11.5" inside measurement to fit the 9 x 12" portrait.  These are the same mattes I use for my painted florals.

In the owner’s words…

Shady, my Schnoodle, has been my best little friend for almost 15 years. She is always so happy and excited to greet me at the door, making it the best part of my day. When she was younger, she could fetch a tennis ball for hours on end. Now, she prefers to cuddle quietly. She is a gentle soul.


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